Winter Market

Winter market, chose to shoot at Borough Market shot produce and stall holders stall holders working and interacting with customers first and second photo were full page bleeds next 3 were a series of produce photos I chose next photo was over a double page but not a full page spread last photo was a … More Winter Market

Perfume Shoot

For this glass shoot I decided to shoot glass in the form of perfume bottle; I thought that this would look more interesting as some of my perfume bottles were quite a dark colour and interesting designs. As I didn’t have any studio lights I had to improvise so decided to use my phone torch … More Perfume Shoot

Colour Shoot

21st November: colour shoot (studio) For the studio part of my colour shoot I decided to use paint on my models face, chest, arms and hands; with the main focus being on her hands and arms especially. I found my inspiration for this shoot on pinterest which was quite handy and saw this model with … More Colour Shoot


15th November: During this mornings session we were talking about light and where everything is on the light spectrum including the gamma and infrared rays. Light is a natural agent which makes things visible to the human eye. This visible light includes all the colours that the human eye can see (re, orange, yellow, green, blue, … More Light

Lighting Setups

Lighting setups: 14th November  14th Nov: morning So during todays session we were experimenting with different lighting setups, our group was split into 2 groups and then we were put into pairs. Half the group would be inside for the morning and the other half would be outside in their pairs experimenting with hand held … More Lighting Setups

Studio Work

24th & 25th October – Studio Work 24th: Today we started our studio work project, we first started off by learning about different types of lighting when working in the studio and at what points of the day this can be referred too. Also this showed us what sort of shoot we can use this … More Studio Work

Tom Miles talk

Tom Miles talk – 11th October Today we had a talk from Tom Miles about how to use lighting properly in order to build a portrait. To start off we started by talking about the 4 facets when thinking about lighting before producing an image; these are direction, quality, quantity and colour. This started by … More Tom Miles talk

Discovering a Studio Photographer

Discovering a Studio Photographer: Gian Paolo Barbieri  Gain Paolo Barbieri is an Italian fashion photographer who’s first success came in 1963 when his photos were published in the Italian fashion magazine Novita which soon became Italian Vogue two years later. Barber was apprenticed to the Harper’s Bazaar photographer Tom Kublin based in Milan. Barber has … More Discovering a Studio Photographer