Magazine Cover Shoot

For our magazine brief we had to plan a magazine cover and shoot it, this had to include props and shielding the models identity so that it didn’t really look like themselves in a way. In order to show the models identity we had to choose our lighting carefully to really show this. For my magazine shoot I was able to shoot it in a studio space using an RX300 lighting kit and poly boards to make my background for the shoot.

Lighting Diagram 


This is my lighting diagram that I used to shoot my magazine cover; this is just a basic diagram as during the shoot I changed where the light was to maximise the light on the model. As a background I used the black side of the poly board as I thought that this would look more interesting for a background; I had my model stand in front of the poly board or at some points I used a chair for the model to sit on.

After the shoot I imported all my photos into light room to begin editing, I found light room quite easy to use once I got the hang of it as I had never used this program before. I then found two images which I would use for my cover and inside spread, I then began adjusting the exposure and contrast on each of the image to make them look more dramatic.



This was me choosing my images for my cover and inside spread, even though I had never used lightroom before I quite enjoyed using it and found it really easy to use.

These are my images for my magazine brief, I think even though I used a studio and professional lighting which worked well I could’ve thought of more props to use which I will next time to enhance my images more.


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