Colour Shoot

21st November: colour shoot (studio)

For the studio part of my colour shoot I decided to use paint on my models face, chest, arms and hands; with the main focus being on her hands and arms especially. I found my inspiration for this shoot on pinterest which was quite handy and saw this model with her hands over her face so you could just see the eyes and then she has painted flicked onto her hands, arms and face slighting so that it made little splatters.


This is my lighting diagram, as you can see I have used two poly boards and was shooting through them with two strip lights behind the model to the side slightly so that the model was lit from behind.

So I had my model cover her face with her hands so that her fingers were spread out making out little parts of her face and so that we could see her eyes. I did this so that I didn’t completely obscure the face, by doing this in order toe enhance the colours on her hands and arms more in the image.

For my next shot I focused more on the models face and hand this time, I painted some different patterns on t=her face and hand with face paint so that this changed the idea slightly from having paint splattered on her. I found that the face paint was not as bright as the craft paint I used however, it was still effective for the shoot. I had toe enhance the colours slighting when editing these as because my model is quite light skinned the colours didn’t stand out as much as I wanted them too.


For the next two photos we had to do these on location, I decided to go to Columbia flower market which as you can guess is full of bright coloured flowers so this location was perfect.

These were my final outcomes, for the image on the right my main piece of criticism was maybe to just focus on one section of the flowers in this photo as you get loads of distractions within the image; the prices of the flowers and the scaffolding where the flowers are resting on etc but all in all they were good images to shoot.


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