Winter Market

  • Winter market, chose to shoot at Borough Market
  • shot produce and stall holders
  • stall holders working and interacting with customers
  • first and second photo were full page bleeds
  • next 3 were a series of produce photos I chose
  • next photo was over a double page but not a full page spread
  • last photo was a full bleed double page spread
  • 1st photo: I like this as the first lot of fudge is in focus and then the rest blurs out. I think that what could be better is if the bit at the bottom of the image was not in the image at all.
  • 2nd photo: I like this photo and I like the highlights that are in the peppers on the stall. I think that some areas of the image are a bit dark but if I enhanced the image anymore the image as a whole would’ve been too light.
  • 3rd photo: With this image I think that I could’ve cropped into the cakes more so that  it was more focused on the cakes itself rather than having all the distractions around them in the image.

What I could do better:

  • when shooting people, getting them to interact more with me when I was taking the photo, getting them to look at the camera rather than just interacting with customers they were serving.
  • I would say that my last photo was my weakest one. I feel that even though it shows the produce it’s not as strong as the other produce photos that I took.
  • I quite like the photo of the two guys with the cheese stall, especially ad it was my cover for this brief, I thought it was the best one for the cover rather than using another one of my images.
  • I think that using the three small images with photos of produce in them was better rather than using photos of people, especially as all three images were portrait images I found that this looked better.

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