Open Video


For this project, still in the same groups as the sky atlantic project, we had to create a short video no longer than 8 minutes, this could be anything we wanted whether this be a documentary fashion film, advertising campaign etc. The subject is open so it could be anything we wanted it to be as long as it was keeping within the time limit.


Our initial idea for this brief was to shoot an advertising campaign video with the transitions from day to night which we had seen and liked in an Apple advertisement. We had also seen a Radio Head video which had a similar transition as well. Videos below:

We had the idea of creating a video that would be a sports brand advertisement featuring a series of athletes performing their sport. However, we were still a little indecisive whether the product being advertised was going to be a company as a whole or whether it was going to be a specific product itself.

List of potential sports to cover

  • running
  • diving
  • boxing
  • football
  • cycling
  • basketball

There were so many Nike adverts to focus our research on, the recent one being ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’

This video for Nike is really interesting as not only does it show loads of different sports that people take part in around London but it also shows the diversity of the people and places around London and how hard but dedicated these ordinary people are towards their desired sports.

We also did some research into the Channel 4 Paralympics – Meet the Superhumans video, from this we got a lot of inspiration as to how each sport was filmed.

  • all the shots are filmed from so many different angles and heights to give a different perspective to the viewer which is really interesting and effective
  • the use of slow motion shots also works really well, the wheel char basketball in the video is a good example of this
  • if you look carefully as well there is actually a small transition between day and night which links well to our idea

After having feedback:

So once we’d had some feedback from our tutor after our first tutorial we were told that focusing on so many sports for such a short video may be a bit too ambitious and hard for the short space of time we have to shoot this. It may be quite hard to source loads pf people and clubs willing to let us film them. So our tutor told us to focus on one specific sport and then if we have time and if it links to add in another sport, but only if its necessary.

After this tutorial and then after talking in our group we decided that this was probably the best approach sticking to one sport to focus on as then we weren’t given ourselves too much work with sourcing etc. As as group we decided that the sport which we were going to focus on was boxing, we decided on boxing as you can get so many interesting shots from different angles and perspectives.


  • Best boxing motivation video 2017-18
  • Destiny 2 Anthony Joshua
  • Raging Bull trailer Mick Jagger – Memo from Turner
  • Chemical Brothers – Go




  • We have also produced a quick story board which was another thing that our tutor asked us for in our first tutorial we had with him, so once we had decided on the sport we then began to produce a short story board of the sorts of shots that we wanted for our video. These aren’t necessarily in the order that we are going to film in but it gives you a rough idea of what the shots will look like
  • the storyboard includes what each frame will look like or the sort of idea that we were going for. Including the use of close up shots of hands, feet, close ups of the boxer, fast action shots, slow motion shots etc

After watching the ‘Best boxing motivation video 2017-18’, we got a lot of inspiration for our short video. Video below:

I really liked the introduction to the video where it showed the sunrise and then had an overly of the boxer training in the early hours of the morning. This links quite well with the day to night transition that we are going for as we would still like to incorporate this idea if we can. Luke had the idea of doing a shot where the boxer was boxing into the camera as if we were their opponent which could look like quite a good shot. He then had the idea of maybe renting out a GoPro at £30 per day and the attaching this to the coach of the boxer so that you get the same effect with the boxer being into the camera.

After our second tutorial and after hosing all of these ideas to our tutor we were o the right track and had enough ideas to get on with our plan and start to plan when we were going to shoot it. Alicia had begun contacting some boxers that she knew around her area to potentially film in the boxing club/gym. We will need to let the boxer know that we will need to film them in the early hours of the morning for sunrise and then again around sunset in the evening so that then we can get that day to night transition we require.


  • shot of boxer punching into the camera, fighting opponent effect
  • boxer walking into the club/gym
  • putting tape and gloves on – slow motion shot
  • close up of feet skipping – slow motion, then panning upwards maybe into a faster shot
  • boxer with punching bag
  • portrait of boxer
  • early morning training in a park – Primrose Hill or / Greenwich with the London skyline in the background
  • possibly getting some slow motion shots of the boxer with the punching bag and a dust effect coming off the bag itself


  • we wanted to add some sound into the video, ideally something that will suit and go with the video
  • we will also add in some sound effects whilst we film in the gym with the boxer
  • heavy breathing of the boxer
  • punching bag being punched
  • coach shouting


  • the shots in the morning shouldn’t need any extra lighting as we want these shots to looks authentic as possible with the light from the sun rising and setting
  • Luke said that one of his friends had some fluorescent lighting tubes which would look really good in a dark space in a gym – Destiny 2 Anthony Joshua reference


Following on from that, we attempted to get a boxer on London, Alicia had contacted people however, had no luck with getting any responses from this people or they just didn’t want to do it. Luke had been in contact with a professional diver however, he was all the way in Plymouth or somewhere so this wouldn’t have been possible to do for all of us and also didn’t really resemble any link to a boxer video anyway so there would have been no point. I think just sticking to the boxing idea was fine otherwise it would’ve given us so much work to do in such a little amount of time. I know that Luke really wanted to film this diver however, I think the reality of it was that we wouldn’t be able to as he was such a long way away and the fact was that we would’ve had to pay out a lot for travel and so on to get down there so this meant that we all came to the sensible decision that we would just focus on the boxing as planned and then see how that goes form there on.

I know that the sole idea of this video was to try and make it an Olympic promotional video which then would’ve meant that we would’ve had to film more than one sport to get the whole Olympic idea across however, just focusing on one sport would’ve made it less of a olympic promotional video and more of a video to promote the certain sport that we were filming. In a way I think focusing more on one sport was better for us and probably would’ve made a better video on the whole as you could’ve focused more on the sorts of shots that you were going to film, which is what we had planned in our boxing storyboard, and you could’ve spent longer planning the lighting and locations etc etc. 

However, after attempting to find a boxer in London Luke had found one in Brighton where he lives. This could’ve proved to have been a problem in the long run as Brighton was such a long way away from both Alicia and I and with such little time left to be able to film it would’ve been difficult to try and find a day where all of us were free to actually go down and film. This situation started to cause a few problems between us all in the group as Alicia and I couldn’t book any time off work so last minute meaning that we actually couldn’t go and help with the filming which was a shame. At this point I think I was thinking why didn’t we just find a boxer in London as it was so easy for all of us to get too and it meant that we could’ve all gone and filmed together rather than it just be down to one person. The thing that worried me was that if one person was filming what could the other two do in the meantime, and would it be the case that our ideas that we came up with before hand for this video like the storyboard etc still be worked into it.

Luckily I think Luke had done most of the shots that we all talked about before hand so I don’t think that would’ve been a problem. I think I was more worried about not being as involved in this part of the project because I wouldn’t have as much work to show for it as I would have in the sky atlantic project. 


Starting of filming

Luke had informed us that he was going to start filming on one day, he had found a boxer in Brighton and had started filming with him, he was going to film this guy in the gym and also on location like we had planned when we were doing the storyboard although the locations would’ve been different to that on the storyboard as we planned locations in London and not Brighton nevertheless, he still stuck to the plan and filmed on locations around the Brighton area at dusk as well which was nice. 

He had sent us a few clips of what he had done so far if what he had filmed already, screenshots below:

I was quite pleased with how they had turned out so far especially as they hadn’t been edited yet either, Luke had done well to film all of that in a day. He captured all the angles that we had discussed which was good. I like how he had filmed at dusk which gave the sky a nice colour to work with, I think the location is also good as it looks like an industrial estate which gives it a bit of an edge to it. 

I know Luke was also picking up some fluorescent lights to work with for this filming, we had found a good reference with the lighting, this was the ‘Destiny 2 Anthony Joshua’ video in which the video uses red and blue lighting and it captures all the dust coming off of the punching bag which looks really effective and works well. This is what Luke was going to use the fluorescent lights for, lights below: 


We had decided to go with the Chemical Brothers song that I have referenced earlier, the fast paced song works well with the type of video that we were creating for this, as it was boxing I think a more fast paced song would work better with this as the boxing moves are quite fast as they are. When filming all the punching etc you want that punchy beat in the song. When we were doing the storyboard we were thinking of some different songs that might work with this type of video, I thought about some Kanye West songs like Stronger or Power as they are quite punchy and are quite fast paced so maybe they would’ve worked well. When Luke had sent us the first lot of videos he had the Chemical Brothers playing in the background and the videos do work with it so would’ve been good to use that. I had mentioned maybe having two songs but then you would have the trouble of switching them and trying to get one to go into the other so it would’ve caused hassle doing that so decided to stick to just one song.

We wanted to rent out a GoPro for filming parts of the video on as we wanted to create that boxing into the camera effect like you were boxing with an opponent so this would probably have been the bets way to do it. CLR at Rave did have a GoPro but not the one that we wanted to film on so I think Luke had rented one to film some parts with in the first day of shooting. 

We had also rented out the Canon 1D-C from Rave to film on although we had some problems with it as Alicia had booked it out and then was supposed to be giving it to Luke so that he could take it down to Brighton to film on however, when it came to actually giving it to him he wasn’t at uni that morning and was in fact still in Brighton. There had been a miscommunication between the two of them as I think Luke had though that she was going down to Brighton to film with him but was in fact just giving him the camera. This then started to cause some stress in the group and between those two especially however, all was not lost as Luke did get the camera but then another problem occurred. CLR had in fact given the wrong camera to Alicia and had given her one that you couldn’t film on so this then caused more stress and disagreements between them as Alicia didn’t know that CLR had given the wrong camera. When we were renting out the camera again we made sure that it was in fact the Canon 1D-C that we got given. I booked out the camera the second time and luckily got given the camera that we needed so then it didn’t cause problems between us when I had to give it to Luke. This was the time that Luke was going to film the fluorescent lights. I think that using those lights would’ve enhanced the video a little bit and given it that extra flare to it, it would’ve been really cool if we could’ve got the effect of dust of something coming off of a punching bag with one of the fluorescent lights lighting it. 


Screenshots from the final video:

I do give Luke a lot of credit for this part of the project, I think he’s done extremely well with all the filming and editing for it especially as he’s done that part on his own with only the idea of planning coming from us two. I think the final video reflects the whole point of the idea for the video, instead of being an olympic promotional video we settled on making it a boxing promotional video which suited it a lot more as it was only focused on one sport. I think if we had added another sport into it there may have been more problems within the group and it probably would’ve stressed all of us out even more than it already has. 

The video definitely includes all of the ideas that we came up with for the it and Luke has included as many of the storyboard ideas as possible, the skipping, putting the gloves on, walking into the gym, filming from the opponents point of view as well as adding in some nice extra details like the quotes on the wall and the posters surrounding the gym. All of these add to the whole feel of the video; as you can see from the screenshots in the end the fluorescent lights didn’t get used, which actually didn’t make a difference I think the video works just as well without them especially as you get the contrast between the dawn to dusk parts of the day and the different locations as well. As well as that Luke also went for a more slow song rather than fast paced, he had previous showed us some clips that he had filmed with this song and I had mention about using a more upbeat song but I think this one works just as well especially with the slow motion shots that have been used, I don’t think a fast song would’ve gone well with those. 

Final video



We definitely had some problems on this project, a big one being that the boxer was in Brighton which meant that two members could get down there to be able to help out and film. Another was the camera, booking one out and then getting given the wrong one which was only the fault of CLR at university. I think we worked less as a group on this project than the sky atlantic one, at least with the sky atlantic one we had one day where we were all together shooting and filming which was in the studio but I think having that group interaction is good. Whereas with this one the only group interaction w had was on a group chat where things can get very misconstrued and taken out of context some times. 


Overall, I don’t think this project has gone as well as I had hoped, I think if wed found boxer and boxing club in London things would’ve been a lot more different than what they were, I think we all would’ve got along a lot better than we did and we wouldn’t have had so many disagreements between people whilst the project was going on. However, all those things aside I am really pleased with how the video has turned out, and again I do give Luke a big credit to this project for the filming and editing, I do wish I had had more input than what I did in the filming and editing process I think we maybe should’ve all found a day or even a couple of hours and sat down and gone through all the clips together and chosen which ones or which parts of the footage that we all liked and then edited it there and then and then watch it and come back to it, I think that this would’ve made the project better for me. I think more of the anger and grief was probably more between the the two members in my group, I was trying to be the civil one through the disagreements. I think big cause was stress again, a bit like in the sky atlantic project, when deadlines are getting closer then you tend to get stressed easily and it reflects badly on your group. 

The video looks really good though and all the ideas that we had all discussed together when we were planning this video are all in there so all isn’t lost. 






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