St Paddy’s Day

For my next Easter task I had to photograph an event that was going on, as I knew that St Patrick’s day was coming up near when I got set this task I thought that it would be a good chance to photograph that day and any events such as the parade that was going … More St Paddy’s Day

Famous Person

One of my Easter tasks for location was to photograph a relatively famous person within our area producing one portrait and one landscape shot in two different locations.¬†I had two potential ideas of people in my area that I could photograph; the first being the a chef, Atul Kochhar and the second being ex chief … More Famous Person

9/2/17 Location

So in todays location lesson we were given a task to create a three picture story; many location or documentary photographers like to create these things called picture stories where in their location they take photos that they think will create a story behind it. We had to go out and shoot on location again … More 9/2/17 Location

Review of Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

A bit about the exhibition: Going to the Taylor Wessing Photographic portrait prize was really interesting to go to as it showed a diverse range of 57 portraits which captures a range of characters within each of the portraits highlighting their moods and the locations that they have been photographed in. The competition showcases a … More Review of Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

Location 27/1/17

In our location lesson today we were continuing using the Quadra ranger kits, but instead of shooting around Ravensbourne itself we were shooting on the roof of Ravensbourne as we were continuing experimenting with mixed lighting. Process: We got into groups of 3-4 people In our groups we had one photographer, a model, and one … More Location 27/1/17

Location 26/1/17

So we were in Trafalgar Square in London today looking into street photography and how you have to have an eye to capture something interesting. We had to use a 35mm or 50mm lense, I used a 50mm sense for my shoot. We then spent about 30 mins just going around the Trafalgar Square area … More Location 26/1/17