National Trust


  • ‘below the line’ brochure and poster campaign
  • 4 A2 posters with 6 images on it
  • 7 page brochure
  • need to produce 31 unique images
  • shoot on location
  • can use portable lights, different lenses
  • colour only
  • minimum of 5 locations
  • images can be of landscapes, coastal areas, architecture, detailed shots, can layer images together if its fits the brief

Think of National Trust in the UK

  • Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland


National Trust research:

Who are they?

  • They are a charity who rely on income from membership fees, donations and legacies, and revenue raised from their commercial operations.
  • They look after special places throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • They look after everything from coastlines, beaches and islands down to historic houses, archaeological remains and gardens.
  • 775 miles of coastline
  • over 248,000 hectares of land
  • over 500 historic houses, castles, parks and nature reserves
  • They have always believed that natural and historic places have a powerful effect on all of us.
  • You can become a member, give donations and also volunteer.
  • At the moment they have a lot of days out and events relating to christmas, from winter walks, winter markets and fairs, and also experiencing historic christmas etc.



Northern Ireland:

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 13.31.06

English Heritage research:

About them

  • They care for over 400 historic buildings, monuments and sites- from world famous prehistoric sites to grand medieval castles, from Roman forts on the edges of the empire to a cold war bunker. Throughout these, they can bring the story of England to life for over 10 million people each year.
  • They are a charity as well as a company
  • They protect an internationally-important collection of historic sites and artefacts
  • They have a generous support of donors

Ways to support

  • donate from overseas
  • grants
  • corporate partnership
  • fundraise
  • commemorative giving
  • gifts of objects


-Brian Jannsen

Jansen does a lot of landscape photography all over the world as well as capturing city scapes as well as paying close attention to the details in the places he visits. He has also done some photography in Northern Ireland, especially on places where I am visiting for this particular project. In the shots of giants causeway and the dark hedges, above, he has managed to capture as much detail as possible, managing to capture the waves crashing against the causeway and the mist in the dark hedges location.

-Stephen Emerson

Stephen Emerson has also done a lot of landscape photography across the world. He has done a lot of photography in Northern Ireland doing a lot of photography in not only colour but also in black and white. A bit like Jannsen, Emerson also focuses a lot on the detail within the landscapes. He likes to capture as much detail as he can especially with the sky making it seem very dramatic to the time of day its been captured. In the top right hand photo I like how the sky is quite dramatic with lots of different colours being captured in it, I also think that there could be some sort of flash light being used to lighten the stones a little bit.



I decided that I wanted to go to Northern Ireland for this project. Below are the places that I have looked and research into and decided to go to whilst I’m there as part of my National Trust project.

  • Giants Causeway, Bushmills
  • Dark Hedges, Balleymoney
  • White Rock Beaches, Portrush
  • Cushendun Caves, Cushendun
  • White Park Bay, County Antrim
  • Carrick-a-Rede, Ballintoy

Travel and Accommodation:

  • I am going to stay in Ballymena which is 40 minutes away from Belfast
  • Flying to Belfast on Monday 12th February – Thursday 15th or Friday 16th February

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 11.52.11

This was a quick search on flights from London City airport to Belfast City airport.

  • Flight going – £56.13
  • Flight coming back on Thursday – £45.85
  • Flight coming back on Friday – £33.85
  • Car hire – roughly £50 for 4 days

Why Northern Ireland?:

  • I decided on Northern Ireland for this project as I wanted to venture out a bit further with this rather than just staying in England, I wanted to bit a bit more adventurous and discover a new country. I have been to Northern Ireland a fair few times in my life and have been to Giants Causeway before when I was a lot younger however, I wanted to explore it even further and explore more places within Northern Ireland.

Places of research:

I researched into 6 places just to be on the safe side as the minimum amount of places of this was 5. I knew that each place would have things of interest there that I could photograph and I could capture some amazing landscapes at different times of the day. Each place I have decided I want to go to I have done thorough research into, how long its going to take to get there, whats there that I can photograph etc.

  • Giants Causeway
  • Dark Hedges
  • White Rock Beaches
  • Cushendun Caves
  • White Park Bay
  • Carrick-a-Rede


Travelling from Ballymena:

  • Giants Causeway, Bushmills – 45minutes
  • Dark Hedges, Balleymoney – 30 minutes
  • White Rock Beaches, Portrush – 40 minutes
  • Cushendun Caves, Cushendun – 40 minutes
  • White Park Bay, County Antrim – 45 minutes
  • Carrick-a-Rede, Ballintoy – 45 minutes

After doing my research into these places where I wanted to visit I found that four of these were actually part of the National Trust.

  • giants causeway
  • cushendun caves
  • white park bay
  • carrick-a-rede

This was quite good in a  way as the project was for National Trust and I could do a lot of in depth research for this, and I could also see what they had going on in each location at the time of being there. The majority of the locations are located on the coastline with four of them being fairly close to each other

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 15.24.22 copy

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 11.52.43

Mood Board:

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 16.49.18

This is a mood board that I produced on Pinterest of the sorts of photography that has inspired me to photography the places I am going to visit in Northern Ireland. I think that for such a project like this National Trust one, I think capturing these sorts of landscapes links quite well to National Trust and will fit into the layouts that have been provided. With the smaller image boxes in the four poster layouts I think that capturing some detailed shots of the surroundings of the 5 places I’m visiting will fit really well for this.

After having feedback:

So after having some feedback on my planning from my tutors I knew I needed to do a lot more research on my idea as a whole and also do some more research into photographers and the National Trust itself. 

As I wouldn’t be able to hire a car in Northern Ireland because I’m not 25, this was going to be a problem however, having my dad go with me on this project he would then be able to drive me to the destinations I needed to go too. Although this could’ve been an issue as he would have to be prepared to go to these places early in the morning so that I could capture the different times of the day. After talking to my tutors they thought it could be a good idea to maybe use my dad in the photos as a figure on each location. I really liked this idea and decided to use it, so for my 4 poster layouts I would have a figure in all of them in some way, my dad being the figure, I would have him with his back facing the camera in all of the shots so that you couldn’t see his face as then this would add a sense of mystery to the images. The figure could be close to the camera or far away depending on the destination I will be going too.

Daily Plan:

Monday: recce’s 

  • fly over to Northern Ireland 
  • drive over to Ballymena where I would be staying 
  • maybe drive to each location and do a quick recce for each one
  • maybe take some photos along the way to try and work with depth of field and where I could place my tripod 
  • stay at one location for sunset to take photos in order to be able to use these for one of my poster layouts

Tuesday: (Giants causeway – morning)

  • drive to one location for sunrise – Giants Causeway
  • take photos of sunrise there, work with all the causeway, placing tripod in different places to get the best shot 
  • use dad as a figure in the foreground, standing on part of the causeway with his back facing the camera
  • this can be main photo for main poster shot
  • take photos for the 5 detail shots
  • look at what is going o around the area – food, buildings, nature, details in landscape (causeway)

Below is just a quick sketch of one of the layouts although the five boxes are supposed to be at the top, the main focus is on the causeway which is the rocky parts at the bottom of the layout and the sky at the top hopefully the sky would be quite detailed with some different colours depending on the time of year and weather depending. I would then have one small image of ‘giants boot’, causeway hotel sign, some of of food, some sort of nature or wildlife, and then the wishing chair or organ in the causeway. 


More Research on Giants Causeway:

As giants causeway is part of the National Trust, they offer a range of different activities that you can do whilst you’re there at the causeway and around the site. 

  • They offer 4 hiking trails that you can go on around the site
  • Blue Trial: leads directly to the famous stones
  • Red Trail: clifftop trail
  • Green Trail: clifftop trail
  • Yellow Trail: marks the perimeter of the World Heritage site

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 13.31.06

Tuesday afternoon: White Park Bay (afternoon/sunset)

  • For this next layout which will be one of the portrait layouts, I decided to maybe do this one at White Park Bay making sure to capture the elephant rock in the frame, this image will be taken at sunset hopefully capturing some sort of interesting sky weather depending of course. 


Wednesday: (Cushendun caves- morning, dark hedges- afternoon)

  • Cushendun caves for sunrise
  • dark hedges for dusk/sunset
  • could get some quite gloomy shots – eerie atmosphere
  • using dad as a figure in both of these as well – walking away from the camera into the hedges when at the dark hedges

Below are two more sketches of two more layouts with the next two destinations I was going too. The sketch on the left was of Cushendun caves, and the one on the right was for the dark hedges. Again I have included a figure somewhere in the photo; the one at Cushendun caves I have tried to place the figure walking along the path into one section of the caves. At the dark hedges I have placed the figure very close to the camera so its from the shoulders upwards with their back facing the camera and you can get the sense that they are walking along the path into the hedges. 


Thursday: Carrick-a-Rede 

More Research:

Also being part of the National Trust organisation, Carrick-a-Rede also offers lots of different activities to do whilst you’re visiting. 

  • Coastal Walk: you can trace the line of the coast over grasslands and rocky paths to the rope bridge. Crossing the bridge, you can get a birds-eye view of the clear green water and also the ancient caverns for below. The walk overall is 1 mile long taking about an hour in time. 

Things to do:

  • salmon fishery 
  • seabirds
  • in the water: look out for sharks, dolphins and porpoises
  • The bridge: this is nearly 100ft above sea level
  • Weigh bridge tearoom 

Layout: So for this brochure layout which was going to be based around Carrick-a-Rede, I wanted to keep it quite simple yet still effective and linking to National Trust. The first image I wanted to produce I wanted a landscape shot of the bridge that you can walk across however, I wanted to still stick to my theme that I had in the poster shots with the figure in the photo. For this particular image I wanted the figure to be walking along the bridge with their back still facing the camera so that it still linked together all of them. This image would be taken quite low down, so I would have to be crouching to be able to capture the amount of detail that I wanted and to be able to get the sort of photo that I wanted too. I wanted the ropes closet to the camera to be just out of focus and then everything leading up to the figure and beyond to be in focus so that I could get all the detail of the bridge and also the landscape that was in the shot too. 

For the second image, I wanted a wide landscape shot of the two islands being connected together by the bridge, I think this particular image would fit quite well with this image box as the box is quite long and not very tall so I had to think carefully about what sort of image I could fit in here and this idea would be quite a good one. If positioned correctly the I could manage to get the bridge dead in the centre of the frame with the two islands either side fitting perfectly. The three images below would be detailed shots, so capturing the detail of the bridge or any wildlife in the area, another one could also be of food in the tearooms at Carrick-a-Rede as then this would relate really well to food photography which I enjoy doing. 

All Layouts:

Posters: Giants Causeway, Dark Hedges, White Park Bay and Cushendun Caves 

Brochure: Carrick-a-Rede

For all the wide landscape shots I will be using a 10-18mm lens shot on a tripod, the detailed shots will either be on a standard 18-55mm lens or 24-105mm lens. The 10-18mm lens I am going to hire from which for the week is going to cost me around £30. 

Equipment List:

  • camera
  • camera batteries x2
  • SD cards x2/3
  • camera lenses: 18-55mm, 24-105mm, 10-18mm
  • tripod
  • flash gun?
  • macbook


Shoot week beginning 12/2/18

Equipment list:

  • camera
  • 18-55mm lens
  • 10-18mm lens
  • 24-105mm lens
  • x2 SD cards
  • x2 batteries
  • battery charger
  • remote switch
  • tripod
  • mac 
  • mac charger


  • City airport was reported closed on Monday morning due to the discovery of a WW2 unexploded bomb
  • 8:55am flight was cancelled and we were rebooked on the 19:45pm flight that same day
  • 19:45pm flight was cancelled as no flights were going in and out of London City airport until further announcements 
  • I had to book a new flight out to Belfast City however, as this was so last minute the cost of the flights were hugely expensive if not already fully booked. 
  • Finally managed to book a flight from Heathrow to Belfast City for 19:45pm costing £513.98 with a cab fair of £80

I had lost a days work already as I wanted to go to a couple of the places to do recess so that I could see what I was working with and where things were etc just so I could see where I was going to position my camera especially for the landscape and portrait shots. 

  • Got to Ballymena to the lodge at about 10pm so didn’t have much time to settle in etc before I began my shoot early that next morning. 

Tuesday 13th February – Morning

Got to the causeway for 7:45am for sunrise however, the sun didn’t really rise over the sea and causeway, it stared to come up from behind the mountains behind the causeway so this didn’t really work for what I wanted. 

  • This didn’t really effect the photos in any way and I still got some decent photos, some came out with a pink/purple tinge to it which looked quite interesting when I was facing the camera away from the sun rising so looking out to the sea. 
  • Also faced the problem of the sea spray going over the lens often which meant that I had to keep cleaning it to make sure I didn’t get any smears or water marks in the photos. It was also quite a challenge to et the tripod level on the causeway as the stones were all different heights and sizes so that made it slightly difficult.  


I made my way to white park bay for my second location shoot as this was where I was going to photograph elephant rock however, when we got to the location there was no sign of it anywhere.

  • There were national trust signs with a photo of the rock on them saying if you look out to the east you’ll be able to see it but we couldn’t make it out. 
  • People we asked on the beach hadn’t even heard of it 
  • There was also no way of actually getting down to the part of the beach where the rock was supposedly meant to be, this was due to there not being actually any beach to walk along it was just all rocks so proved a bit dangerous to walk down too. 

I had taken some photos whilst I was at white park bay which could’ve been used for the detail shots in the layouts however, as I didn’t have the image that I was intending to get of the elephant rock there would be no point using these in the layout so I had to find another location to shot at to make up for this one. 

I found a couple of castles after lunch not far from where I was, the ruins of them anyway, one however was barely anything but a couple of ruin walls from the castle, this was Dunseverick Castle. The other one, Dunce Castle, was a bit more amicable, there was a fair bit more there even though it was still just ruins. 

  • photographed the ruins 
  • details in them
  • signs around the castle
  • went into the two rooms to photograph any artefacts etc 

As this was supposed to be a sunset image I tried to capture this and as the sun was out I would get my sunset image. Whilst doing my initial research I had actually found some images of this castle and many that I found had been taken from down on the rocks facing up towards the castle which I thought looked rather interesting and would make a good photo. However, I was told by the people who worked there that this area was out of bounds due to it being unsafe, the part to the small cave under the castle used to be open to the public but obviously as time went on and the rocks started to weather away this started to become unsafe. When looking back at my research photos of this location you could see that these were probably taken from a few years ago as where that area was looked very different now to in the photos with more of the rock eroding. 

When taking the sunset shot with my dad in it this was a little difficult as I wanted to capture the whole of the castle in it as well as my dad and the sun setting, where I was shooting the castle was right on the main road and the further round I went the less of the castle and my dad I could fit in the frame. 

Wednesday 14th February – Morning

I got to Cushendun caves for around 7:45/8am again for sunrise however, the weather was not in my favour and had been raining all morning. However, I tried to persevere and managed to get some photos of the caves even though I found it quite challenging as the rain kept getting on the lens and made it hard to get a good focus on the caves, also because it was quite miserable in the sky this also made it slightly difficult as the sky was very bland. 

  • I still managed to get enough photos so that I could choose one to go in the layout and I also got a fair amount of photos to put in the smaller boxes in the layout. 
  • I think this was the most challenging day due to the weather being quite bad, even though it wasn’t heavily raining you still got the rain plus the spray from the sea because of the wind as well causing problems and causing it to land on the lens. I also didn’t really have anything to cover it so I had to try and make do with covering it with what I had on. 

I think whilst I was at this location even though it was raining I should’ve got some different shots of the caves, maybe one looking out from inside the cave, still as a landscape shot so that it fitted in the layout. Maybe this would’ve been a better idea for this shot as you would’ve known that I was inside the cave but you were just looking out from it. It also would’ve given it a different perspective and would’ve made it quite interesting, like this image underneath. 



I then made my way to the dark hedges for the next part of my project, even though the weather wasn’t great it had stopped raining it was still quite miserable and bitterly cold. On my way to the dark hedges I did encounter a bit of a problem with getting there as the road the sat nav took us was a very snowy road and it got to a point where the road we needed to go down we just couldn’t, someone had past us and said that they had tried 3 times and couldn’t get down so we weren’t going to risk it. So we turned around and went back the way we came and just headed back towards the lodge and went in a different direction to the hedges. 

I thought that with the weather being like this I might have been able to et some quite eerie looking photos at the hedges but this wasn’t the case, the weather did cause the photos to become quite gloomy but didn’t really show as much detail as I would have liked them to as they didn’t even have leaves on the trees either due to the time of year I was shooting. 

  • I decided to go back to the lodge where I was staying for a bit just while the weather cleared. After a couple of hours I actually found that the sun had started to come out and it had stopped raining completely so this was a bonus for this part of the project. 
  • I went back to the dark hedges around 4pm as sunset was supposed to be about 5:25pm so I would manage to get there to capture the sun and the sun setting. This was much better this time round as I managed to capture the shadows that were being created by the trees due to the sun setting.
  • I found the location harder to find things to photograph for the smaller images as it was only a walkway of trees. I did manage to find loads of carvings in the trees that people had done over the years as memories that they had visited the dark hedges so this would be a nice idea for one of the smaller images. I also took some photos of the details in the bark and also some of the details on the dark hedges sign at the start. – There was a round black sign on the board which was sort of like a symbol for the hedges as it was carved in the shape of the trees. 

Overall, this second attempt for this location went a lot better than the first attempt which was mostly due to the weather having a big impact on this. 

Thursday 15th February – Carrick-a-Rede

Despite having a little bit of snow overnight this didn’t stop me from going to Carrick-a-Rede as it wasn’t that bad, it was just a bit icy down the smaller roads. However, the sun did manage to make an appearance for the duration of the time I was at this last location, and I managed to capture some really good photos with the sun in them. 

  • managed to capture a lot of detailed shots as there were loads of things to photograph for the 3 smaller images, from the nature to details in the bridge and the signs etc. 
  • I had had a clear plan for the first photo from the start of what I wanted this to be; had the idea of having my dad walk over the bridge over to the connecting island, luckily I managed to get this before the bridge began to get really busy not long after the shot was taken. 
  • For the second photo I also had the idea to capture the two islands with the bridge in the middle so that this factor was highlighted. I thought of this sort of shot as the scale of the islands and the bridge for that fact could be emphasised. 
  • The next two landscape photos I didn’t really know what I wanted to shoot so I decided to wait until I was at Carrick-a-Rede so that I could see what was around the location and then find something to shoot for it; I found that this was the best option. I decided to take one landscape shot of one side of the island and then one of the other side of the island. I liked this idea for the layout for the brochure as it really showed off the bridge here and also the beautiful landscapes around it. I think these were the better photos for the bigger images in the layout as the smaller ones were better for the more detailed images like the ones I had taken. 


Contact sheet of final contender images 

Contact sheet of 31 edited images

Contact sheet of main images without my dad 

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 17.40.47

I managed to get my 1700 photos down to about 100, these consisted of all the small detailed shots as well as contenders for the big photos and the brochure photos as well. I managed to include at least one photo of each location with my dad in them and one without my dad in them; this would then give me the option to having my dad in them or not although having him in them was the sole reason for the link in this project. 

  • The reason for having my dad in the photos was to really show what the national trust was about. The national trust encourages people to get outdoors more and to go and explore the national trust areas and sites so that these were getting the recognition that they need. Most national trust areas have activities that you can get involved with; Carrick-a-Rede had the bridge, Giants Causeway has different walking trials, Dunce Castle has activities for children as well in one of the rooms as well as conservation activities. 
  • The national trust also reaches out to a certain kind of audience, this type of audience is the outdoors type of people; people who enjoy  walking and exploring the outdoors. It probably would’ve been a good idea if I could’ve had my dad holding a hiking pole or something to show this type of audience in my photos. 

WWW: I think the weeks shoot as a whole went quite well, I think certain locations went better than others however, that was expected I think and due to the weather on some of the days that couldn’t really have been helped. I think Carrick-a-Rede was probably the best location especially using it for the brochure as there was a lot more to photograph here than any of the other locations if I were to use them for the brochure. 

It was definitely more suitable in terms of the landscape images which were the four bigger images in the brochure. As the main part of Carrick-a-Rede was the actual bridge this made the brochure a lot easier to work with and to base the whole brochure around.  I used the bridge in two of the photos as this was the main attraction and then captured the surrounding landscapes to make up the other two. I think all the locations that I had chosen were really good and suited the project well as some of these if not all were prime locations in Northern Ireland. I think the last minute location change from White park bay to Dunluce Castle was the best option as there was no way that I was going to get the photos I wanted of elephant rock. As I was in the same sort of area as the castle I thought it would be ideal as I wouldn’t have to venture too far out of the area to find something else as an alternative.


For some of my big poster images and two of the brochure shots I wanted to enhance the sky a little bit just just that I got a little bit of contrast in the sky, especially with some of the clouds that I managed to capture when shooting the original shots. I did think about using the gradient tool on photoshop however, for just the sky I wanted something else to edit with. I began to look at tutorials on youtube on how to enhance the sky. I found one tutorial and quite liked the look of it. Below is a step by step: 


The only thing that I found slightly difficult was when I was making the clouds darker to edit them, was making sure to not colour outside of the clouds otherwise you would make the sky darker too; this proved a little difficult especially when getting those smaller clouds. I also had to make sure that when I was adding the colour into the sky that I managed to get a colour match otherwise you either ended up with a darker coloured sky or one that just looks unrealistic. 

I only did this sort of editing with a couple of my images and very subtly as I didn’t want to make them over dramatic otherwise you would get a very unrealistic sky. With all my other images I just did some minor adjustments as I didn’t want to edit them too much, not like the other photos I had edited. 


Potential layouts: x4 poster shots

I decided to do two potential layouts for the poster shots, one of these had my dad in the bigger images and the other one without. I did this so that I would have a choice of layouts however, I decided to go with the layouts with my dad in them as this was the link in my project so if I went away from this then it would deviating from my original idea which I didn’t want to do. All of the smaller images were the same as these didn’t need to be changed, just the bigger ones. All the bigger photo were near enough the same as each other, they were taken in roughly the same place just with and without my dad in them. The only one that was noticeably different was the one at the caves as you can see more of the sea in the one without my dad and it is slightly further away from the caves as well. 


Final Layouts: x4 poster shots, 1 brochure

These are my final layouts for this national trust project, these include the 4 poster shots plus the brochure. I did in the end decide to go with the poster shots with my dad in them as this was the idea for my project. I decided to go with using the back of my dad or a side profile as I thought this would look more mysterious and add that little bit of mystery into the photos as you wouldn’t be able to see his face. I used the back of him in about 1/2 photos and then a side profile in the rest of the poster shots. To continue the link in the project I also used my dad in the very first photo used in my brochure just to keep the link present. I did this so that the posters and brochure flowed together. 


I think overall the project went really well, I think I definitely picked a good location to base the project off of and picked the locations accordingly. I dd think the weather would be a problem when I was in Northern Ireland however, except for one location, the weather wasn’t a problem for me and I had quite good weather for the duration despite it being bitterly cold everyday. This project definitely took me out of my comfort zone as I hadn’t taken photos of landscapes before however, I actually really enjoyed doing this project and producing the photos that I did. I tried to incorporate what I like to photograph, food, into this as well with the smaller images. I think for a first proper attempt at doing landscape photography the photos that I produced weren’t that and, some wee better than others but that was expected and I am still pleased with them. If I were to do this project again I would have gone back to the caves again on the same day as the sun did come out although by doing that I might not have got the photos that I redid at the dark hedges that day that I did, but that was the only point I would’ve done differently. 

Invoices: estimate on top, real on bottom 








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