Evaluation- Mono

Evaluation: Overall I think my mono project went pretty well, the models and the stylists that had been organised for the shoot turned up on time if not earlier than expected which gave us lots of time to get them ready for the shoot. Some of my photos turned out better than others and could’ve … More Evaluation- Mono

Shooting Mono

Contact Sheets: These are my contact sheets for my mono shoot; as you can see there are a lot of photos and I had to edit them down to just four photos for my brief. I edited them down to 16 of my best photos which I would then choose my best four out of. … More Shooting Mono

Mono Final Shoot

So today was the day of my mono shoot finally, everything had been planned, I had got together a mood board with the types of poses and styles I liked and also some images with different lighting in them. I had done an equipment list and also some rough lighting diagrams that I would test … More Mono Final Shoot

Tests shots- Mono

I decided to produce some test shots for this mono brief to check my lighting and where my model will have to stand to produce the most amount of effectiveness for my images. I wanted to test a few lighting setups so that I could know which one I liked best so that I could … More Tests shots- Mono

Lighting for Mono

For my mono shoot I decided that I would like some quite dramatic lighting, maybe using the rim lighting setup so that there is quite a lot of the face in the shadow. I thought about doing quite a cropped version of this with the model facing sideways with their head slightly tilted upwards. I … More Lighting for Mono

Mono Brief

We were given a brief for this Mono project, we have a set time to shoot int he studio with a partner, we had to contact modelling agencies and get some male models as this shoot had to be a male model advertising wayfarer sunglasses. As we weren’t paying for the models we had to … More Mono Brief