Going through next brief: multiple exposure comp Retouching files start by opening the image make new groups for each section of retouching make two new layers spot healing brush (J) sample all layers has to be ticked sht, alt, cmd, E Advertisements


Today we were going through our brief for the next lesson, this was on a car advert with a landscape shot as well. going through our brief that is due for three weeks time toyota car brief plus a landscape shot that will then be moulded together to become one whole shot have to include … More 2/2/17


Today we were just running through capture one again in more detail and going through editing in capture in detail as well. cmd t takes away tools cmd b browser at the bottom Loading in photos folder icon in capture system folders navigate which file where your photos are in Camera icon is for shooting … More 31/1/17

12/1/17 Capture One

Capture One Dam Raw processor Colour workflow digital assist Manager What makes it different? camera raw, nice backup option ICC profile make capture one different lightroom, can adjust what the camera looks like. Makes it simple to adjust camera profiles and tinker with colour profile loads raw image data uses camera profile to interpret and … More 12/1/17 Capture One