Record Cover

My record cover was my next task for my advertising photography element. I found this task very daunting at first but once I got into doing the research of it and had found my model and everything I was a lot more at ease with the whole thing. I had began doing some initial research … More Record Cover

Thames shoot

The brief for the thames shoot project was to capture a portrait using mixed lighting of someone who had something to do with the thames. For the mixed lighting you had to use a Quadra ranger portable flash kit which you had to book out of car and then do a recce of where you … More Thames shoot

Introduction to Advertising Photography 6/10/17

This week we had our introduction to advertising photography, we began by discussing what commissioning related industries can be found when doing advertising photography, these included: advertising agencies design agencies magazines (editorial) book publishers record companies We then went through each one and discussed what each industry included. We then started to discuss our projects … More Introduction to Advertising Photography 6/10/17