Reverse Engineering

This was our first task that we had to do after our talk with Tom Miles; with this we had to find a photo that we liked in a newspaper supplement and then recreate it using whatever lighting we could find and reverse engineer the photo we found to show what sort of lights we thought were used in the shoot. This was our brief:

-Collect weekend newspaper supplements
-Analyse and reverse engineer the lighting and make lighting diagrams
-Try to recreate your favourite using available light sources at home, aiming to capture the mood of the original. Submit to Moodle under Set Tasks.

Bear in mind the 4 qualities of light introduced in Tom’s session:
Direction | Quality | Quantity | Colour


This is the photo that I chose to recreate from newspaper supplement. And on the right is my reverse engineering diagram and light diagram of where I think the lighting in this image was. I could see that there was light coming from the right hand side of the model and also above as you can see the reflections in the models pupils.


This is my recreated image of the one above; with this I just used the ambient lighting that was available. As the light was highlighting the right hand side of the models face I thought that this would be the best source of light to recreate this. As I didn’t have any other source of light I couldn’t recreate the light that was above the model as you can see in the models pupils in the image above. I found the left hand side to be quite dark; I tried to use a flash light on the left hand side but found that this wasn’t a good idea as it reflected onto the wall and didn’t look good.


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