Finished Product

This is my finished product, ‘Produit’, I got one of each size as I wasn’t too sure which size I wanted to submit at the time but now thinking about it I quite liked the bigger size as this gave it more justice to what it was actually about. I went for the name ‘Produit’ eventually … More Finished Product

Editing stages

The editing stage for this project was very time consuming as I had taken so many photos over the three shoots; so this took even more time to go through every photo on Capture One choosing which ones I though would work throughout the fanzine and then from those decided whether to edit them all … More Editing stages

Contact sheets

These are my contact sheets from my fanzine shoots I did; I produced rather a lot of photos so editing them down took rather a lot of time especially as I had to produce a lot of photos for my fanzine because I didn’t know how many I was going to use just yet. Hero … More Contact sheets


After doing my initial ideas and then changing my idea of what my fanzine was going to be about within this section I then decided to do some research of different products and how these were set up and then photographed so that they could then be advertised. I started looking in magazines, specifically ones … More Research

Initial ideas

My initial ideas for fanzine were that I wanted to shoot a perfume magazine and include both elements of still life product and models too. I came up with the idea of a perfume magazine because prior to this project I had done a glass shoot and shot perfume bottles for this and thought that … More Initial ideas