So today we were going through what to put into our reports, this was really important as this gave us all the information we needed for what to remember when writing this report. report: 1500 words, 13/12/17 by 4pm 50% of your mark combine the two project together – requested to critically reflect on your … More 8/11/17


As well as doing the research into the social media perspective of the project, I also began to venture into the industry by asking industry professionals some questions as research into our project as this would help. The questions are the ones in purple, I didn’t ask many, only three as I didn’t want to … More Research


Continuing with my research for this collaborative project I began looking into advertising of food blogs and how food bloggers advertise their shots; I found this quite interesting as I could then look into different food bloggers to see how each one showed their posts on social media as well as comparing them all to … More Research

Food shoots

Shoot day So all of us photographers got together and each bought in what we were going to shoot along with props etc. Some people did have some overlap for what they were shooting as there were a few people shooting scones however, everyone shot these in different ways so it was quite interesting to … More Food shoots


Formative Pitch to Millennium Images Presentation feedback: finalise agency idea – how much will the photographers get when they are commissioned to take these photos? who are we appealing too – lets appeal to amateurs and independent food companies but also incorporate the high end everything will need to be copy writed Agency idea: as … More 30/10/17


This lesson started off by talking about colour psychology, how we react to colour physically and psychologically. Universal language of colour and brands, each brand has set colours within them and this is what determines them and how we recognise them. For example, Macdonalds, the colour is red and yellow, everyone knows this and recognise … More 25/10/17


Today we were discussing our photo libraries, in our group we decided that we were going to do food however, as food was a very broad subject with everything in it we decided to focus more on pastries, deserts and breads. Current Photo Libraries: food stock pexels picture pantry hers agency We also looked at … More 23/10/17


Final Rebrand: So for the final rebrand we had done all our research and everything had been completed; these three slides below are just a few from our final presentation that we had to present in front of our peers and tutors. The overall final rebrand was a success and even though it took us … More 18/10/17


This week we were continuing with our rebrand, the design students had played around with the logo and colours and as a team we had settled on a final one and decided to go with orange and violet. Our slogan and changed and so had the typography of the logo itself. I had done some … More 16/10/17