Open Video

Brief: For this project, still in the same groups as the sky atlantic project, we had to create a short video no longer than 8 minutes, this could be anything we wanted whether this be a documentary fashion film, advertising campaign etc. The subject is open so it could be anything we wanted it to … More Open Video

Sky Atlantic

Brief: The brief for this project was to, in our allocated groups, come up with an idea from a new upcoming drama series for the Sky Atlantic channel. The images must all link as they would be placed in separate locations. The series can’t be one that already exists so in our groups we had … More Sky Atlantic

The Telegraph Brief

Talk from Loren Laic-Duffy Current picture editor at BBC Good Food Previously picture editor at Harpers Bizarre Unsuccessful interviews GQ Net a Porter Studio RM First job at Seventy7 Job at Harpers Bizarre as a picture editor assistant internship a lot of prop finding when trying to find a specific image and when you don’t … More The Telegraph Brief

VR Research

NYTVR – ‘The Fight for Fulluja’ I think that the VR on ‘The fight for Falluja’ is very informative as to what has actually happened to the country due to the attacks by the ISIS rebels/fighters. The experience gives you a realistic feel as to the destruction that they have caused within Falluja itself. I … More VR Research

National Trust

Brief: ‘below the line’ brochure and poster campaign 4 A2 posters with 6 images on it 7 page brochure need to produce 31 unique images shoot on location can use portable lights, different lenses colour only minimum of 5 locations images can be of landscapes, coastal areas, architecture, detailed shots, can layer images together if … More National Trust


Brief: have to produce 1 final image to fit all layouts. 48 sheet, 96 sheet, showcase square can only switch type from black to white, white to black can be a colour or black and white image the image can be of anything you want it to be however this is an above the line … More Billboard

Record Cover

My record cover was my next task for my advertising photography element. I found this task very daunting at first but once I got into doing the research of it and had found my model and everything I was a lot more at ease with the whole thing. I had began doing some initial research … More Record Cover

Thames shoot

The brief for the thames shoot project was to capture a portrait using mixed lighting of someone who had something to do with the thames. For the mixed lighting you had to use a Quadra ranger portable flash kit which you had to book out of car and then do a recce of where you … More Thames shoot


So today we were going through what to put into our reports, this was really important as this gave us all the information we needed for what to remember when writing this report. report: 1500 words, 13/12/17 by 4pm 50% of your mark combine the two project together – requested to critically reflect on your … More 8/11/17