Introduction to Advertising Photography 6/10/17

This week we had our introduction to advertising photography, we began by discussing what commissioning related industries can be found when doing advertising photography, these included: advertising agencies design agencies magazines (editorial) book publishers record companies We then went through each one and discussed what each industry included. We then started to discuss our projects … More Introduction to Advertising Photography 6/10/17

Photo Story

Brief: So the brief for the photo story was to create a photo story based on anything you wanted, it had to be 15-30 photos, only using natural lighting, it could be in black and white but only if there was a necessary reason for it or it fitted your theme. We had to include … More Photo Story


Brief: So our brief for boss was to shoot using one of the Quadra ranger flash kits, shooting on an outdoor shoot using one person in the photo. The idea was to tell a story of what the person did within their business much like the in the boardroom shoot however, as this shoot was … More Boss

In the Boardroom

Brief: So our brief for in the boardroom was to shoot using the the Quadra ranger flash kit, shooting inside on location, photographing two people in the same photo. The whole idea was to capture a story of the two people within the photo and to tell what they do within their business. We also … More In the Boardroom

Lavazza Project

Researching into Lavazza: So for our final Digital darkroom project we had been given a brief to create a composite with a minimum of three elements/shots; background, portrait and still life being the coffee cup. The final image that we produce must be able to fit into a double page spread and single page. I … More Lavazza Project

St Paddy’s Day

For my next Easter task I had to photograph an event that was going on, as I knew that St Patrick’s day was coming up near when I got set this task I thought that it would be a good chance to photograph that day and any events such as the parade that was going … More St Paddy’s Day

Famous Person

One of my Easter tasks for location was to photograph a relatively famous person within our area producing one portrait and one landscape shot in two different locations. I had two potential ideas of people in my area that I could photograph; the first being the a chef, Atul Kochhar and the second being ex chief … More Famous Person


As I decided to document my sister when she was pregnant I thought that I would do the same when my nephew was born and then document him whenever I saw him from there on. I found that capturing him on the camera was not as easy as it planned out to be as he … More Baby