Studio Work

24th & 25th October – Studio Work
24th: Today we started our studio work project, we first started off by learning about different types of lighting when working in the studio and at what points of the day this can be referred too. Also this showed us what sort of shoot we can use this for. The first the of lighting was called butterfly lighting which represents noon; this is mainly used for beauty and makeup shoots as it draws out the shadows of the model. For this the camera is at F11 and we can also use a reflector for this type if we wanted too.

Loop lighting, around 2/3pm is next, this is used for quick shoots and all different types of faces. This is used for magazine and editorial shoots, the camera is also at F11 for this and an umbrella can be used.

Rembrandt lighting which reflects around 6pm is used for making more shadow making the face of the model look more 3D; this is often used in portraiture photography.

Split lighting represents night, this is where you place the light slightly higher than the head so that a small triangle appears on the side of the face where the light isn’t reflecting onto. And finally rim lighting, this is where the light is slightly on the face but barely at all. For this its better to use a poly board when taking the shot so that the light soaks into the black side of it. In the afternoon in small groups we got to know how to set up the lights and where everything was so that if we were in the studio we would know where everything goes and how to work it all.

25th: Today we were creating shots that could be used for magazine covers playing around with the different types of light that we learnt about the day before. In groups we were each given a job; model, photographer, assistant etc and then worked together to create four different shots using different lighting techniques and so on. We were given all day to come up with four shots, one we had them, in the group I was in we placed magazine templates on them so that they looked like they were actual magazine covers.


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