What is genre? it is a category, a way of organising or creating a systematic way of thinking about the subject matter it displaces subjective criticism it encourages the examination of conventions that structure work works to establish in the mind of the viewer something about the kind of image it is ‘Since we cannot … More 22/2/17

Essay ideas

Initial ideas: perfume advertising (main subject) research the lighting of perfume advertising how the lighting has been changed throughout time focus on how this has been able to sell the product Intro: the basics of what I am going to talk about how women have been portrayed in perfume advertisements Main part: has been more … More Essay ideas


Weegee ‘The First Murder’ around 1941 in New York Dorothea Lange ‘Migrant Mother’ 1936 ‘Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire’ 1911 Things can be cut out that can change the image entirely, it takes away the context and makes it a separate image Trish Morrissey ‘7 years’, 2004 Sebastian Salgado ‘Drought in Mali, 1985 Robert Capa ‘Death … More 25/1/17


40,000,000,000 (40 billion) photos shared on instagram Ian Ruhter, wet plate collodion Guy Paterson, Photogram on silver gelatine paper Daniel Coburn, salted paper process Gmunk, full spectrum 3D, working with an image that has never seen a real camera What is the form of the lie? Claudia Angelmair, ‘Betty’ 2008 from Works on Paper Thomas … More 18/1/17


Practice in Context Ansel Adam  Gregory Crewdson Annie Leibovitz Martin Parr Kirsty Mitchell Jake Walters Brandon Stanton Edward Burtynsky Tim Walker Andreas Gursky Nadav Kander Bill Henson Paul Stuart Tim Laman Chase Jarvis Formative assessment: Wednesday 8th February Summative assessment: Friday 10th March (before 4pm) researched text 1000-1500 words bibliography timeline: key events in your … More 11/1/17