Discovering a Studio Photographer

Discovering a Studio Photographer: Gian Paolo Barbieri 

Gain Paolo Barbieri is an Italian fashion photographer who’s first success came in 1963 when his photos were published in the Italian fashion magazine Novita which soon became Italian Vogue two years later. Barber was apprenticed to the Harper’s Bazaar photographer Tom Kublin based in Milan. Barber has worked closely with fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Versace and Ferre. He has also photographed many famous models including Audrey Hepburn, Jerry Hall and Mirella Petteni. He shoots in analogic mode and does not retouch his pictures.


I found this photographer very interesting an his work appealed to me as a lot of his work is photographed in black and white which I find extremely interesting. I really these three portraits of his as the lighting is quite dramatic in all of them; you can see in this first one on the left where the light is hitting exactly. With the structure on her head and around her face it is highlighted where the light has hit it. I like how the model is centred in the middle of the frame however, has her gaze elsewhere in the studio. With the lighting there is possibly a spot light in front of the model or above her which is why the structure and her face and arm is highlighted.

These are another two images of this photographers work; the image on the right is reasonably similar to the first image that I analysed. You can see the with this image there is a shadow of light in the structure on the models head again which looks really effective and is also highlighted by light around the wire around her neck. I think what draws me to this image the most is how the models gaze is right at the camera which is really interesting. In her eyes you can see that there is a light directed at her as you can see little spots of light in her pupils, this is also shown in the shadows that on her upper body on the far shoulder.

The photo on the left is also one of Gian’s that drew me to his work, with this one I like how there are quite strong shadows from the lighting that has been used in this particular image. You can see that there has been a lot of lighting used in this image as the face is very light, there has probably been a light directed straight at her as well as one possibly at the side or above her.


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