Sky Atlantic


The brief for this project was to, in our allocated groups, come up with an idea from a new upcoming drama series for the Sky Atlantic channel. The images must all link as they would be placed in separate locations. The series can’t be one that already exists so in our groups we had to come up with a completely new fictional series. We had to come up with a plot and characters for this providing accurate background information to support our planning.

The project can be a series of 6 short videos or gifs using the parallax or cinemagraph techniques. At least 2 of the images must be produced in the studio with the others possibly being shot on location if we preferred to do so.


We found a video on Facebook called ‘Nostalgia 77’ which was a good starting visual for this project. The short video consists of a still portrait image of a girl with some sort of tube or subway cart passing behind her with a filter on it. This was a good starting point as this would be a good idea with the parallax or cinema graph technique used on it.

  • could do something like this as a parallax with the model becoming smaller and the background becoming bigger
  • could also do this as a cinema graph by cutting out the background and making this a continuous loop.
  • For this idea we could go to a tube station where it isn’t so busy but at the same time you want a nice looking train station. I think we would need one where they don’t have the barrier doors like at London Bridge so we would need to go somewhere without them maybe like Embankment or something.
  • With the Nostalgia 77 video I like how the model is wearing the same sort of colours as the subway train, I think this works really well; the lighting is very simple and I think to shoot the model in the studio the lighting would also have to be simple too.




Name: I started to think about names for our fictional series that we had to come up with. I looked into what programmes were already being aired on sky atlantic and what new programmes were coming out in the upcoming weeks.

  • The West Wing
  • House
  • Blue Bloods
  • Westworld
  • Gomorrah

New programmes

  • Here and Now
  • Save Me
  • Divorce
  • Crashing
  • Mosaic

Quite a few of these programmes are police related or have a detective element in them; this is generally the style for sky atlantic. To keep with the theme of the programmes on sky atlantic and also with the visual that we had found I thought that maybe the idea of calling the programme ‘The Missing Girl’ would be a good name for this. I had checked to make sure that there wasn’t a programme with that name, as it needed to be a completely new and original programme and there wasn’t one with that name which was good.

Coming up with the 6 poster shots

  • 1st can be the tube shot with the girl in front of the tube, can be a cinema graph with the tube moving. I thought it’d be a good idea if we could try and get the girl to fade out of the image like she was disappearing out of the picture but I’m not quite sure how we would do that
  • 2nd needs to be of a different character, maybe the detective this time
  • 3rd needs to be another main character like the ‘bad guy’

Luke found a good visual on the ‘natgeotravel’ Instagram which had an element of snow in it which looked really effective

  • instead of snow we could use rain and have the main character, so the missing girl in that one, makeup could be smeared to make it look like the rain is washing it off or that she had been crying
  • this could be the last poster in the series with all the others leading up to it; each of the posters could have clues in them to determine the final poster. These could be clues about the missing girl for example the location, clothing items etc.


With the studio shots of the detective and ‘bad guy’ Luke suggested that for the moving element in these we could have the missing girl doing subtle movements or even just her eyes moving behind the characters who would be still. I like the idea of having just her eyes moving as this would add a mysterious element into them as you can’t see the full figure just her eyes so this wouldn’t reveal too much about the missing girl to the viewer of the posters.

I wanted to look at some of the previous campaigns for programmes airing on Sky Atlantic, this would give me a better idea of how the programmes were advertised when a new series or programme was about to come out. As I had already done some research on new programmes for sky atlantic this made it slightly easier to choose which ones I was going to look at. I looked into the new series called ‘Save Me’ which was new this month, I looked at how the series was being advertised in poster form as this was the form we were going to be producing ours in.


  • These were the Save Me poster advertisements that I found, I really liked these as it showed off each of the characters but then also had another element to the images which was the central, the young girl who goes missing.
  • Creating two of our poster shots like this would be a really good idea and then we could link the idea of having our missing girls eyes moving behind the characters or of the girl doing some subtle movements.
  • The would work for the two studio shots that we are going to produce with two our characters, the detective and the bad guy.

Whilst I was looking at the Save Me posters I came across a Riviera poster which is another reprogram aired on Sky Atlantic. I really like the Riviera poster that I found, I like how the poster had been set out with the character in the bottom left of the frame and then the shadow of a person in the top centre of the frame, possibly the ‘bad guy’ in this series. I like how it is a shadow of the person so it adds a bit of mystery to the poster campaign.

  • If we did an idea like this we could make it into a parallax for the moving element of this poster; the background could become bigger with the character becoming smaller.

For another visual idea I also looked at the series Billions, the posters that I found were quite similar to the ones from the Save Me poster advertisements in the way that they were laid our similarly.

The thing that I also really like about these posters is how all the central characters are in black and white and then the building or structure is in gold. I think that by doing this you are making the posters more dramatic and eye catching to the audience looking at them. If the building was also in black and white then it would just blend in with the portraits or the characters and you probably wouldn’t notice it, or would barely notice it, so I think the gold works really well; gold could also suggest wealth and success which could be a key point in the series.

I also noticed that as well as having a combined poster each character had a separate poster, each with a black and white image and the gold building. When I was looking at the posters closely I actually noticed that each poster had a question on it obviously explaining something about the characters. Each character has a different word in the question suggesting that that particular word has something to do with them within the series. I think that this is really effective as it describes part of the characters without giving away too much.

Makeup and hair ideas for the missing girl:

I thought that I would start looking at makeup and hair ideas for the missing girl so that we could get an idea of what sort of style we wanted for her. For the makeup I looked at quite natural makeup styles, I also looked at makeup where the makeup was running, specifically the eye makeup to make it look like the person had been crying or caught in the rain and the makeup had smudged.

Mood board for hair:

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 10.59.48

This is the start of my mood board for the type of hairstyle that I would be thinking about for the missing girl model. I wanted to go for a sort of messy hairstyle look and have really focused on having the model with brown hair. I have chosen looks for both long and mid length hair also as this is the sort of look I would like. I think the scruffy hair look relates well to the sort of programme idea that we have come up with; I think the messy look links well to the fact that the girl is missing, as this makes it look as though her hair has got messy due to the fact she is missing and may have been around a lot of places.

Mood board for makeup:

I also started to build a mood board for makeup ideas for the model as well. For this look I focused on two ideas for two different posters; the first idea is a natural one where the girl is standing in a tube station with the tube moving behind her. I thought that a more natural look would be quite a good idea with with that particular poster we could have the makeup quite natural to show her as how she was last seen in that location. Maybe for another poster we could used the smudged red lips as a makeup on it and then with the running eye makeup as well as this would look good for another look. I also looked for a style of makeup to show that the person had been crying or something so then the makeup would be ruined. I thought that this would be a good look for when we did the posters of the detective and the bad guy with the girls eyes as the moving element in the background. We could also do a look like this if we were to do something similar to the Riviera poster with the model in the water with the makeup running down her face.

The makeup for the girl would obviously be more important than anything else, we cam have very minimal makeup on the male characters, just using some powder to get rid of any shine on the faces, something standard that would be used.

I thought about having another character in our series, maybe this could be the best friend of the missing girl. We could have a poster of her as well as the detective and the bad guy with the missing girls eyes moving in the background again. These would then be all of our studio elements completed with the next three being done on location. The makeup for the best friend could also be quite natural maybe having a darker lip colour on or something.

The next step is to contact modelling agencies and make artists so that we are ready for our studio slot on the 8th May. We will also need to use the models and makeup artists on location on a separate day as well to get the other three posters.

Finding the locations:

The next step was to find some suitable locations for shooting the rest of the posters, as mentioned previously one of the posters was going to feature the missing girl at a tube station so we needed to find a suitable tube station location. I thought that it would be a good idea ti use a tube station that wasn’t very busy but somewhere that also didn’t look very new and done up. Maybe using a tube station located on the Northern line such as Old Street, Angel, Chalk Farm or Euston would be good locations as they didn’t have any barriers between the tube and platform like at London Bridge. If we went around midday wish hopefully it wouldn’t be as busy at that sort of time so would get a good shot with no one in them.

The next two locations are ones that we need to discuss a bit more as these ones would also be on location. If we were to go for one along the line of the Riviera poster then we’d need to decide on a suitable location for this or somehow recreate a similar location. I also think that the idea with a snow from @natgeotravel Instagram is a nice idea, instead of snow it could be rain but instead of actual rain, because you can’t guarantee that it will rain, you could use a shower and have it so that the model is facing the camera with sort of wet makeup look to make it seem like the model has been out in the rain and we can get the makeup artist to create this for us.

View this post on Instagram

Video by @renan_ozturk // A new friend from a recent trip to Nepal. Words by @jetbutterflies – Shewa Roka stands with her back to her home. She is 52 years old, but while we sat with her and shared a cup of fresh moonshine she seemed to be simultaneously both older and younger than her age allowed. ~ The hamlet of Dule, where Shewa lives, is in Nepal’s isolated Rukum district. Dule is home to about a dozen people, scattered across a handful of rough stone and mud homes. This is the last outpost before the steep and dry hillsides give way to steeper mountain ranges, punctuated with wild crags and chasms, stretching all the way up to the Tibetan plateau. ~ Without any prompting, she told us about an afternoon well over a decade ago that she still can’t seem to shake. This was during the height of Nepal’s civil war. Without warning, police paramilitary forces stormed through her doorway. They immediately opened fire and fatally shot five men who were huddled around her humble cooking fire. The police claimed the men were Maoist rebels, something Shewa denies. The bodies were disposed in the forest nearby, and Shewa and her family spent the next few years caught – quite literally – in the crossfire of a brutal and costly conflict. ~ We left Dule the next morning and trekked deeper into the sharp and snowy mountains. Still now, weeks later, we can’t shake her smile and her generous spirit – clear and strong like moonshine, like everything we who have experienced so little still strive to understand. ~ See @renan_ozturk for more stories from nepal 🇳🇵

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This could be a good poster to have a close up of the model so that it is from the waist upwards which could be quite effective. This would then give you a close up of the models face as well so that then you could see the emotion in her face and can also see the makeup to see the difference in the different posters.


For the missing girl Luke had the idea that she could be wearing either a red or yellow coat or rain jacket and ad the inspiration from a series called Dark which is slightly similar to the well known Stranger Things series where the person goes missing. The film IT also does this where Georgie, the young boy goes missing as well and the yellow rain coat is significant to this as this is what he is wearing when he goes missing one day.

I think the yellow contrasts well with the dark colours as it stands out and the audience will subconsciously relate it to the missing person.

I then suggested, that this was a really good idea but instead of using yellow how about we use the colour red, so the girl can be wearing a red coat. By doing this it would then link to the tube as the tube is predominantly red so would link well. Red could also have other meanings as well, as it links to love, murder etc, giving the colour other connotations.

For the detective:

The styling for the detective can be quite simple, we could have the model wearing a suit jacket with a shirt, nothing too fancy but something that looks smart at the same time. Most of the programmes that are aired on Sky Atlantic and that feature detective characters generally are dressed in suits so I thought that this would probably be a good wardrobe idea to stick to.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 13.26.30

I started to look on Pinterest for some wardrobe ides we could then give to our model for the detective role. I searched up the programme Blue Bloods, which aires on Sky Atlantic, as one of the main characters is a detective this would then give us a rough idea of how we could style our model for this role. There was a fair amount of suits from the research that I found however, we could also just style him in suit pants, t-shirt and a smart car, which is also the sort of style that I found.

For the Bad guy:

I think that the styling for this character can be simple, I think maybe getting the model to wear black skinny jeans, white t-shirt and black leather jacket could be quite a good look as it would give it an edge to him which would look really good.

For the best friend:

I think another simple look for the best friend, maybe just wearing jeans and a jumper with a coat of denim jacket, or maybe wearing a denim skirt, jumper and coat. We don’t want to go to over board with the styling for the character, we just need something that will go with the natural hair and makeup look that we have chosen for her.

Developing the idea:

What is the story?

  • series is from the best friends point of view
  • the case later on in the series is dropped as it isn’t leading anywhere and no new evidence has come about
  • 3 months later it is the best friend who takes it upon herself to carry on with the case as she believes that her friend is still out there
  • she unearths new evidence and tries to persuade the detective to restart the case


It was a small urban town, everyone knew everyone and everything that happened here, although day to day not much really happened around here if I’m honest. However, all small towns harbour their own secrets and in ours we definitely had one burning away, one that no one could really understand. One moment she was here, the next she had disappeared without any trace. She had been forgotten. No one mentioned anything about that day, as if they were too scared too but when you walked past anyone or entered a room their faces and body language gave the impression that they wondered what had happened.

3 months after Olivia, a 16 year old aspiring journalist goes missing in a small town in North Yorkshire, Whitby, the case is closed after no sufficient evidence is found. However, all signs point towards Robert Black, a man who has previous convictions for abuse and who lives just 7 doors down from Olivia’s family. The divorced mother has developed a mental illness due to the disappearance of her daughter. Olivia’s oldest friend ___ is determined not to let Robert get away with what she is certain that he did and begins to take the case into her own hands. The head of the investigation is a sexist washed up policeman named Bill who’s father was the previous head of Whitby police. ___ goes to extreme lengths to get Bill to retake up the case which sets him on a path to rediscover the policeman he once was. ___ believes certainty of the killer ones from her discovering a framed photo of ___ inside Robert’s house however, Robert is a clever psychopath, like many of them are, and steals it back from her before she has a chance to show anyone.

  • Luke also started writing a short synopsis of each episode
  • I then began to plan the visuals for our posters, the posters are not necessarily in order but show what each one will be about and what elements will be in it as well as the moving elements too
  • with the bottom middle image, I thought maybe we could incorporate the pocket watch it in as well as then this would link two of the posters together
  • the bottom right image of the best friend could have a tunnel with a figure walking into it which could then relate to the character Robert Black, or it could have a flashing light in it

Character list:

  • missing girl: Olivia
  • best friend: Amelia
  • detective: Bill
  • bad guy: Robert Black

Above were the drawn out layouts for our posters, fully annotated as to what each one is going to be about with what character and what each poster is going to be in terms of a parallax or cinemagraph per say. I think that by producing these we would then know how we are going to produce and style each poster and we would then have a clear idea of the posters. By also doing this we could adapt the posters and make alterations to them either on the day of shooting or in post.

Complications so far

We had come across some complications before our shoot day for this project already, the biggest one being the models. I had contacted Base model agency and had got no reply from them so decided to go with Select model agency and managed to find some new faces models (starting out models) that would’ve been prefect for the female roles; I had sent off previous model work, which was minimal, and then got an email back stating that my work wasn’t up to their standards that they require. So that blew modelling agencies out of the window. We then all tried finding models on Facebook pages, messaging some on Instagram etc. We had some luck and got replies from an male and a female model from a casting agency and managed to get them to come in. I then found another female model, who I know had done some work for someone that I know, and luckily she was available on the day of our shoot so we managed to cast her as the role of the best friend in the programme. We had already got a makeup artist so we didn’t need to worry about that. 

Shoot day 8/5/18

I think that overall the day of the shoot went pretty well, all the models and the makeup artist were on time and all of them showed up. We had no delay throughout the day however, we did book out equipment during the day which slowed us down a little as we booked out a camera to film on which we probably didn’t need to do, ad we also booked out a wind machine, which in the end looked quite good in the videos that we took. 


  • RX500
  • RX300
  • 70x70cm soft box
  • 1x1m soft box
  • wind machine
  • x2 lighting stands
  • backdrop stand

We hadn’t really planned what sort of lighting setup we were going to go for in advance so we weren’t really prepared in that aspect however, once we had got the lights all on the stands and the soft boxes on then we were fine and we just did a simple lighting setup to create some dramatic type of lighting. We got some really good shots with the model who was playing, the role of the best friends, as well as the role of the missing girl where we also got some really good shots. For the ‘bad guy’ we did a very dramatic lighting technique which is referred ti as split lighting as we wanted to create a type of lighting that only gave a little bit of light outlining the figure in the frame, which is what we achieved by doing this. We then also tried to add a strip of light which showed the persons eyes. We had to do this by placing a light in front of the model between the two poly boards with a snoot on it and then forming a strip out of a piece of card and placing it over the end of the snoot. It looked really good and effective when it was done but it did take a while to figure out how to do it and to also set up all the lighting to go along with it. We also struggled a little bit when trying to get the video of the model playing the detective and trying to get sheets of paper falling around him. We tried throwing them up and down, we also tried using a wind machine which didn’t really work either. We then went onto try and get him holding my notebook and then using the wind machine to try and get the pages blowing over. This did in the end eventually work, after a bit of manoeuvring of the wind machine and the book. 

  • these were my lighting diagrams, the one on the left is the general lighting setup that we used for the majority of the shoot, the one on the right is the lighting setup we used wth the model playing the bad guy.

Editing the posters

I wanted to try and get all the editing done fairly quickly after our shoot however, found that this wouldn’t be the case. We kept having a few disagreements with how we were going to get the photos so that we could edit them quickly. I would’ve quite liked to have had all the RAW files on my hard rive so that I could look through all of them in my own time and look at the ones that I liked and then tried to edit them. Although this was not the case as Luke sent them to us, but only the ones that he had picked out, so things started to get a bit argumentative between us all as I wanted all the photos ti look at but Luke was adamant that we had to download them. Even though he sent them to me and I did download the folder, it didn’t contain any videos and all the photos were JPEGs which didn’t help either. I couldn’t have done any editing on the photos apart from minor adjustments as I didn’t have any videos to add into the photos. 

Editing the watch

I did manage to edit the video of the pocket watch that we produced, this was a short video of a pocket watch swinging side to side to signify that time was running out. We used very simple lighting for this video which I then had to adjust in post when editing in Premiere Pro. As the lighting was very focused on one side and was also quite orange, I had to change the white balance and I also adjusted the brightness, contrast and exposure. I also used the vignetting tool which added a black shadow on all the corners of the video which looked quite nice and also made it look slightly more dramatic which is what we wanted for these posters. With the video, it was slightly too long for what we wanted so I had to cut it down to make it shorter. I used the razor tool in Premiere to do this, I found the point where the watch was facing forward and was also in focus and then found where it just started to turn round again and used the razor tool and cut at each of these points. I then got rid of the extra footage before and after that short section, I also found that the watch was swinging to fast in the original video so had to slow this down. To do this I had to right click on the video and then click speed and duration, I lowered it to 50% and it looked a lot better than when it first did. The next part to this editing process was to get the video to be portrait instead of landscape; as I wasn’t very good with how to find things on here and wasn’t that great with editing things on here either; I had to look a few things up. I had to right click on the video and then choose new sequence from cap, where it has frame size I had to set it to 1080 horizontal and 1920 vertical. I then had to go to effect controls, motion position and change it to 960.0 540.0 and then with the blue box around the video adjust it to make the video fit the full frame making sure there were no black outlines and also that you could still see all of the watch in the frame. I think the video looks fairly decent, I think its very hard to film something like a watch especially when its swinging from side to side as you can’t get it to really focus well when its filming. I then made this into a GIF. 


Editing the tube poster

I began editing the rest of the posters, the first one being the tube poster, the original idea for the tube poster was to make it into a parallax however, looking at the footage that I had for it, it was and in a way wasn’t suitable for the parallax. There was one video that I could’ve produced a parallax with however, I decided to go with another lot of footage that I was going to make a GIF with. I thought it would look quite interesting to get the tube moving in the mirror on the tube platform and then that would be the GIF. When editing it I had to cut down the video as the girl was moving around a lot in the beginning of the video so I had to get the starting point where she was stood still but where you could also see the tube i the mirror and the actual tube itself. Once I had got the right point I then cut out the parts of the video that I didn’t need and then started making minor adjustments to the brightness, levels etc that needed to be made and then started working on the GIF element of it. 

Making the GIF

  • to do this I had to first click cmd+a, then go to edit, copy merged and then edit, paste; this then made two layers in the panel below
  • I had to then drag them so that they had the same starting and finishing point before I could then drag the new layer that had been created on the right hand side above the original layer
  • I then had to click on the mask tool, the Japanese flag looking one, which then created a new layer mask
  • using the brush tool (B) I had to brush in the areas that I wanted to be moving, so the tube in the mirror, making sure that I was brushing on the layer mask and that the toggle was black to white

I also tried doing this so that I had the tube in the mirror moving and also the tube itself. I found that this one actually looked more effective with both elements moving rather than just one. I had to make sure that when I was using the brush tool, especially when I was making the actual tube that I didn’t brush any of the model otherwise you’d get moving parts of her and it would look very strange. 


Editing the best friend poster

The nest poster to edit was that of the best friend, for this one I decided that the moving element  would be the watch as in the previous poster, I thought this might be quite a good idea as it would link the two together and also the series but it would also be a significant piece of evidence to the best friend so might be good. For this poster I already had the GIF of the watch so it was really only editing the photo of the model and then overlaying the watch video onto it. I made very minor adjustments to the photo of the best friend as the lighting that we used on the day of the shoot was quite dramatic already so I wanted to keep it this way. I slightly changed the levels and brightness on this one. To overly the GIF of the watch I had to go on layer, new and then drag the gif over and on top of the photoshop file I was working on. I then had to resize the gif of the watch so that it was the same size as the image. As I wanted to have it over layed I would then have to change the opacity of the gifs that you you see the image of the girl still coming through. I changed the opacity to about 30-40% so that you could still see both layers.


Editing the bad guy poster

For this poster it was the same process as the best friend one, above, I had to edit the video of the girls eyes in premiere pro but cutting down the video so that I got the right moment where the video was in focus and where the girls eyes were moving from side to side. I tried editing it as a gif and then tried over laying it on top of the bad guys photo however, this didn’t work so I had to save the edited video in premiere and then drag that onto the photo. I did want it so that it was literally just the girls eyes overplayed on the guy however, because we had shot the video landscape this wouldn’t have been able to work. I tried cropping it in premiere and then dragging it but that didn’t work either as when you had to make the overlay bigger to match the photo you would have lost the girls eyes completely. I settled on having some of the girls face in the overlay which was fine as you could just make out her smudged lipstick too. I then saved this as a gif like all the others. When finished it actually looked really interesting and worked really well as a poster. You had the dramatic split lighting used when shooting the guy and then had the girls eyes overplayed on top. 


Alicia was in charge of editing the two other posters for this sky atlantic project, these two were the poster with the detective which had the pages of the book moving due to the wind machine, This looked really effective as you got just the pages blowing in the gif. The only problem with this one was trying to get the pages right as it was a difficult one to edit otherwise you’d be brushing the shirt as well and you’d get the wind machine effect on that as well which isn’t what we wanted so you had to be careful in thinking of how to do that. 

The final one poster was of the frame which would then have a video of the missing girl inside it. On our shoot day we took a video of the model playing the missing girl of a close up of her face using the wind machine to make her hair blow. This was a similar video to the one we produced with her eyes however, this time included her whole face and also the effect of her hair blowing in the wind. We had taken a photo of a picture frame as well which would then hold the looping video of the girl. To do this you’d have to edit the video down in premiere pro to the footage that you needed and then drag the video into the photoshop file that you’ve created with the frame and resize the video so that it looked like a photo in a frame. You would then have to do the same process of  making a GIF so that it was on a continuous loop. 


Further editing

We decided to do some extra editing with these posters; after I had edited the four posters I was in charge of I showed Alicia and Luke in my group to get some feedback on what they needed more editing done to them to make them stand out more. I didn’t mind doing this as I wanted them to look the best they could for this project. I started by doing the bad guy poster again, I used a different photo of the model where he was wearing a motorcycle jacket and I also used the same video of the girls eyes however, I did a bit more editing on it. With the video I played around with loads of editing effects to try and get the right balance so that it still looked good.

Below left: video before, Right: video after

As you can see there is a difference in the two videos, I think the newly edited video looks a lot better now with all the extra adjustments to it. Now it was just time to overlay the new video onto the new photo. We also decided to add the sky atlantic logo not the posters as this brief was called ‘Sky Atlantic’, so we thought this would be quite appropriate.


I also worked on a gif of the detective as I know the video of the model holding the book wasn’t going to work as Alicia had already tried with this one. So I took a different approach and went and chose the video where we are filming the pages of the book blowing over his shoulder and overlaying this onto a photo of the detective. I think doing this was a much better approach as it was easier to overlay this video rather than trying to make a gif of the other. When editing the video of the book I played around with the effects to make the book slightly more interesting. I lowered the saturation to make it almost black and white which looked really interesting. I also used the vignetting tool again, even though you couldn’t really tell that it was on there that much it was an extra editing process. Once I had finished editing the video I then overplayed it onto the edited photo of the detective and then added in the logo.


I didn’t re-edit the poster of the best friend with the watch swinging from side to side, I just added in the logo as I thought this one didn’t need to be re-edited.


I did a little re-edit of the ‘missing girl’ and the tube, just brightening up and enhancing the colours of the girl as I wanted her yellow coat to stand out. I then added the logo onto this poster as well.


Luke had also had a play around with a poster idea, this was containing a different photo of the model playing the best friend where she was holding her phone to her ear with a worried expression on her face and then the model playing the missing girl walking onto the tube platform, the moving element would be the missing girl walking. This worked quite well and was a good poster idea and one that we would be using as one of our final posters. 



Overall, I am fairly pleased with how the posters all turned out, I think you can definitely see a clear link between them and if they wee in a train or tube station you would be able to tell that they were all connected. I actually quite enjoyed making the 5 posters that I did, even though I haven’t used the watch one, I have definitely learnt some things along the way in terms of editing etc. I think my knowledge on Premiere Pro is still getting there but I now know how to cut down video clips, resize a video, add editing effects and so on. All of which I had no idea how to do before starting this project. 

I think the project as a whole could have been a bit better, at the beginning of the project we were a bit all over the place, we didn’t really have any clear idea on what we wanted to base this mad cup series on and only had one visual to show in our first tutorial. I think this set the project back as we didn’t have an idea from the start. Once we had properly discussed the project and then come up with an idea and characters, plot etc we were back on track and when it got to our shoot day we were fine, we had planned our posters accordingly. The situation with the models set us back which I referred to earlier in this work book. After this we started ti have a few problems in our group, having a few disagreements and such which put some of us down a bit which isn’t what you should happen when participating in group work.

I think its very difficult as well when some of you advent used a programme before so it is all very new. I think everyone was just stressed about the deadline being so close and the work not being finished yet which was probably the cause of most of our problems so the sooner everything was done and everyone was happy with it the better and then the less stressed we would all be. I think that the finished posters look really good though and I am pleased that we have finally completed them as a group and individually. We have all fairly criticised the work we have done and let each other know what could have been improved and what looked good which is nice. 

Final Posters:


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