Perfume Shoot

For this glass shoot I decided to shoot glass in the form of perfume bottle; I thought that this would look more interesting as some of my perfume bottles were quite a dark colour and interesting designs. As I didn’t have any studio lights I had to improvise so decided to use my phone torch as well as the light I had on the room too. I found that this actually worked quite well when taking my images.

I experimented with these images using the tungsten, flash and normal settings on my camera. I also used fairy lights in the top left image to brighten the bottle as its a dark bottle on a black background. I thought that this really enhanced the image as I also used a phone flash light to brighten the golden part of the bottle. I thought that these looked quite interesting as well being shown through the bottle and with the reflections of the lights.


I used two bottles in this particular image with the one in front being in focus and then the one behind being slightly out of focus. I like the use of the rose petals and how they brighten up the image as a whole with the brightness of the red.


I chose this as my final image, I decided to line the petals up starting from the bottom of the image and the following up to the perfume bottle so that your eye line leads up to it. I also like how the petals behind the bottle are shown through it.


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