Tom Miles talk

Tom Miles talk – 11th October

Today we had a talk from Tom Miles about how to use lighting properly in order to build a portrait. To start off we started by talking about the 4 facets when thinking about lighting before producing an image; these are direction, quality, quantity and colour. This started by talking about the inverse square law which means that when you double the distance of an object then the light is quartered; so when an object is 4 feet away the F/stop on the camera would be 5.6 however, when the object is at 8 feet the F/stop would be 2.8.

Later on in the session we began to reproduce an image building up the light sources each time to get the lighting almost the same. We started by using an automatic exposure from the camera and then by adding on camera flash with a flashgun, then the off-flash camera with eventually moving onto adding extra lights to create the depth of the image.

The first image used exposure 1/2s at F/stop 5.6 and ISO 100 with no flash. The final image which was our 11 shot used exposure 1/250s at F/stop 4.5 and ISO 100.


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