So our brief for boss was to shoot using one of the Quadra ranger flash kits, shooting on an outdoor shoot using one person in the photo. The idea was to tell a story of what the person did within their business much like the in the boardroom shoot however, as this shoot was outside we didn’t have to show other light sources within the shot however, for the end photos for this shoot had to be in black and white form.


The layout for this project was:

  • 1 portrait shot, single page full bleed
  • 1 landscape shot, 3/4 page full bleed


Initially I had a few ideas for this shoot, I decided to contact places such as PWC, Ernst and Youngs, Glaziers, and a few other companies within the London Bridge area as I thought that if I could get someone from one of these companies to photograph then I could maybe go to Southbank to produce my photos.

These are some rough sketches that I produced, the one in the middle for my portrait shot and the one on the far right for my landscape shot.

  • photo on the far left is my initial ideas and planning in my note book; includes and equipment list, and list of companies I would to contact.
  • middle and far right photos are rough lighting diagram, middle one of a man standing outside the office building with leg propped up on the building and arms crossed over his chest, smiling expression on his face. Far right photo, along the river bank near the office, arms leaning against the wall of the river bank: inspiration Lloyd Duckett photography. I really liked the idea of having the river in the background for my landscape shot or part of the river with buildings in London in the background too however, the problem with this would be getting the model to not look awkward in the photo as many corporate photos do.


Initially I did a recce at this location near London bridge which was also near a company called Glaziers which I tried to get in contact with as well, I chose this location as I liked the bright orange seat which I could’ve asked my model to sit on and would then get the bright colour in the background of it, the one on the right hand side is right next to the other one but I liked the tree in this one with the big glass building in the background which could’ve looked quite good as well.

Photographers I researched:

These photos are from some of the photographers work that I was looking into, I decided to look at Lloyd Duckett, Robert Essel and Jeff Singer for this project as well as they do more outside corporate photos rather than inside for the in the boardroom shoot that I did, so I thought that these would be more helpful for this project.

Problems so far: 

I had encountered some problems already during this project as many companies like PWC and Ernst and Youngs when you phone up the company will ask you to email them to tell them what you are planning to do and then never get back to you. I had this problem with PWC and Ernst and Young as I emailed them and then they never got back to me so then had to keep phoning to see what was going on ad still got no response at the end of it. So I had to find another company that would be willing to do my shoot for me.

Final idea:

So my final idea was shooting with the deputy CEO of a company called Better Bankside; this was a bit of a last minute contact as I hadn’t heard anything from any of the other companies so had to find something quickly. I had heard briefly of this company through a mutual contact however, had never really had the chance to research into what they do properly, all I knew was that they recycled old materials from businesses that didn’t need them anymore. However, they do a lot more than this.

About the company:

Better Bankside are a non-profit company limited by guarantee, run by and for our members. The company has no share capital, and any surpluses generated are reinvested into the company’s services. As well as recycling old materials from companies around Bankside they also use these materials to create art installations around the area as well as put on art shows, festivals and talks on what they do and to show off the work of their artists and sculptors. The bottom left photo is of one of the pieces that Better Bankside have funded. The Colourful Crossings is part of Better Bankside’s Avenue of Art initiative. Avenue of Art takes art out of its traditional gallery context to transform public spaces. The bottom right photo is another installation in Borough Market, the installation is a ‘Before I die…’ black board where people can write things they want to do or want to happen before they die. The artist Candy Chang’s Before I Die interactive installations became a strong focal point for people passing through Borough High Street where they were  encouraged to write their thoughts and ambitions on giant blackboards.


  • quadra ranger flash kit
  • QP card
  • light meter
  • hotshoe adapter
  • camera
  • lense

Contact sheets and QP cards (1st):

The two photos on the left are from my first shoot with Better Bankside, as you can see I created a QP and the two photos below were my final ones that I was going to use from this shoot. However, after getting my feedback I hadn’t included the sky in the one on the left and barely any of it in the right hand one. With the first one as well I also got feedback of bringing my model away from the building a bit more just to get a bit more of the building in the background and to show the light on her more as you couldn’t really see where the light was coming from apart from in the reflection in the window.

Contact sheets and QP cards (2nd):

This was my second attempt at my boss shoot, this time round I felt a lot more confidant with doing this shoot and using the equipment. After having that feedback from my previous shoot I was able to take that on board and use it to make my images this time round more fitting to the brief. The top left is my contact sheet from this shoot and I did another QP card shot again. The two images I have included here are my two final images I used for my layout; I feel a lot happier with these two images compared to my first two as I have included everything like the sky more in these now. I wanted to use the same locations again with this shoot as I really liked them but just needed to change where my model was in them so that I could incorporate the sky into this but also capture the essence of my model too.

These are screenshots of how I adjusted the sky in my first image.

  • the photo on the left is showing how to make a layer, so in capture on the top left hand side on the 6th tool along is a brush tool, by clicking the ‘+’ sign this will make a new layer on your photo. It will then come up with the circular tool on your photo which is what makes the mask, you then have to mask the sky making sure to be careful where the brush goes. Once that is all masked you can then change the exposure and contrast etc which will then show more contrast in the sky and make the overall image better.

Lighting diagrams and sketched layouts:

These are my two lighting diagrams for this shoot, as you can see I’ve included all the camera settings and the Quadra ranger settings as well as where the buildings and sky is etc.

Anymore problems:

Other than having the problems with the companies not getting back to me I hadn’t really experienced anything else. I did however have to go back and do my boss shoot again as I hadn’t caught any of the sky in any of my images which wasn’t to the brief. However, contacting the lady from better Bankside and arranging to do another shoot again wasn’t a problem.



So these are invoices for this project, the one on the left is an estimate and the one on the right is the final invoice. The invoices include photographers rates, assistant, travel and equipment rates as well.

Final layout and evaluation:

This is my final layout for my boss shoot; I was quite pleased with the final look of this as it fits the brief just right. You can see the sky in both of the images, which is what the brief asks you to do, even though it may not be very contrasting as there weren’t many clouds as it was a very sunny day when I shot this.

Overall I think that this project went pretty well, apart from companies not getting back to me and having to find a last minute company to do this shoot with it worked out really well and I’m pleased with the finished results I have produced. I think that each of the final images fits the provided layouts well especially with the right hand image as there was a guttering in the middle of the page which had to be thought about so I’m quite happy with where I’ve placed the image with my model being on the right hand side of the page.

If I was to do this again:

If I was to do this shoot again I think that I would’ve shot sooner as then I would’ve had a little bit more time to do the second shoot again rather than at the last minute. I would’ve also liked to have had a bit more time with the model in the beginning shoot to get more variety in my shots I think. With the second shoot on the portrait image maybe as she had just finished a meeting I could’ve got her to keep some of her things out on the table like a note pad and pen or water bottle etc and maybe having her hands not he table and leaning forward a bit more would’ve made it a bit more interesting and life to the photo.


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