In the Boardroom


So our brief for in the boardroom was to shoot using the the Quadra ranger flash kit, shooting inside on location, photographing two people in the same photo. The whole idea was to capture a story of the two people within the photo and to tell what they do within their business. We also have to show our other light sources in the photo to show that it is a mixed lighting shoot.


The layout of this project was:

  • 1 portrait shot, single page, nearly full bleed however, there’s writing in the shot so I had to work around this
  • 1 portrait shot, 3/4 page, placed in a small box in the middle of the page


I had a few ideas for this shoot, my first one was that I could contact places like PWC, Ernst and Young and those sorts of business companies however, contacting them and getting responses from them quickly would be hard.

For the portrait single page, I could shoot in a boardroom with a table in the middle of the frame with both standing or one standing over the table and next to it leaning over slightly. The photo on the left from Guglielmo Galvin, ‘The President of Ireland’ is like kind of thing that I was going for. The photo on the far bottom right was one of my initial ideas of mine sketched into the layout that was provided for on this project.

Photographers I had researched:

I had been looking at corporate photographers that I had researched for another small task to get some inspiration for this shoot from them. I began looking at Lloyd Duckett, Jeff Singer and and Robert Essel, photos pictured below, to get some inspiration and to look at the sorts of things they had produced on corporate shoots. Although these are outside I could get the kind of idea of how I could get my models to pose without them looking awkward in my shot. I had also been looking at photographers such as Chris Renton and Duncan Soar, The image on the bottom left hand side is photographed by Duncan Soar, as you can see even though it’s not a face on portrait, the computers int he background can show what he does which is effective and is also a form of lighting.

These two photos were the other sort of idea of corporate photos that I did some research into, I liked these ones as you can see the other lighting used within the shot making it mixed lighting which is what I was trying to create in my shots too.

Final idea:

So instead of contacting a big business company I decided to think about what ‘In the Boardroom’ could mean as well as what ‘corporate’ and ‘executive’ meant too. To many the idea of boardroom would mean business man in a suit in an actual boardroom however, I decided to think outside the box a little bit and think what else it could mean. After thinking I decided to come up with the idea to do a shoot with a restaurant manager and chef.

So my final idea for this shoot was to shoot a manager of a restaurant and the chef, the plan was to shoot in the kitchen. The idea was to incorporate the colour of the food into the photo as well; I also had to think about spacing and where the other light sources were as I had to show these in my photos. I had a few ideas:

  • the chef preparing food whilst the manager was overlooking him to see what he was doing as I thought this would be a good action shot
  • another idea was that the chef could be finishing off a plate of food, wiping the plate, adding the last touches to the dish etc whilst the manager could be ticking off orders on a piece of paper
  • the chef and manager standing next to each other, clip board in managers hands

I decided to go to the restaurant the week before my shoot just to talk to the manager a bit about my project and the sorts of things that I would like to do for it; I also went into the kitchen to have a look around to see what I could include in my photos and how I could position the manager and chef to get the best photos possible. I found that this was useful as I could then picture where I wanted to shoot and how I wanted to do it as well. By seeing where the different light sources were in the kitchen as well really helped as I could then think about how I could move my camera to include these.

About the restaurant:

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 20.34.15 copy


After contacting the restaurant I was going to do my shoot with I decided to go in and talk to the manager just to say what my initial thoughts were about the shoot and what sort of things I wanted to do just so he could know what my intentions were and to give him an idea of what I would be doing. Whilst I was at the restaurant I also did a recce of the kitchen area where I would be shooting just so when I was planning and sketching into my layouts I could have this idea of what would work and what wouldn’t. As the kitchen area was quite small I had to bare this in mind when it came to my shoot the week after and how I could play around with this.


  • Quadra ranger flash kit
  • QP card
  • flash meter
  • camera
  • lense
  • hot shoe adapter

Contact sheet and QP cards (1st):


The three photos above are from my first shoot with the manager and chef of the restaurant, I created a QP card shot and the two photos below are the two final ones that I would be using. However, after having my feedback the photo on the left didn’t include as many light sources as I was hoping too so had to go back and do another shoot for just this one photo. The photo on the right however, I got good feedback from, all the light sources were in the photo, it was a good action shot even though the focus was on the chefs hand and not his face. Even though the reflections on the stainless steel were very bright this was normal for it as it is a very reflective service.

Contact sheet (2nd):

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 18.19.42

This was my second attempt at my in the boardroom shoot, I only wanted to recreate one photo from my previous shoot. As I had to go back to do my shoot again, this time round there was another chef instead of the original one I used in my first shoot so this was a minor setback however, I tried my best to continue with my shoot and recreate my photos. But this didn’t work as well as my first shoot and the chef was being very pushy and not really working with me, trying to rush through the shoot so this didn’t help and mad emu shoot not really work at all.

Lighting Diagrams and sketched layouts:

These are my two lighting diagrams for this shoot, I have included all the additional light sources as well as props that were used and my camera and Quadra settings that were used on the day as well.

Any problems:

I did have to go back to the restaurant again to do a second shoot however, I felt very rushed with this second shoot so it wasn’t as good as my first one and I didn’t achieve what I wanted to achieve with this one. Even though contacting the manager wasn’t a problem to go back and do another shoot, the original chef that was there wasn’t on the day of this so I had to use another chef to create these photos and the chef on the whole wasn’t very cooperative with me so it didn’t work as well. I tried to recreate one of my photos and even though it was close to the original it was no where near as good.



These are my two invoices, the one on the left is an estimate and the on eon the right is the final one. Both invoices include photographers raters, assistant, travel and equipment rates.

Final layout and evaluation:

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 16.11.30

This was my final layout for my in the boardroom shoot; I was quite pleased with how this turned out, I was more pleased with my image on the right more than the one on the left as the light sources in the one on the left aren’t shown as much as I would’ve wanted them too however, I’m still pleased with the image as an action shoot and with the whole thing as a whole.

Overall I think this project went well, apart from companies not getting in contact however, I think the restaurant idea worked a lot better and was a lot more interesting rather than using an office person/people for this shoot. I think that both the final images fit the layout provided especially as the area I was working in was very small so didn’t have very much room so had to work around that as well in my layouts trying to get the images to fit so that everything was still in the image. I’m really pleased with the right hand image, even though the focus is on the chefs hand and plate of food however, I think it works really well and shows exactly what each person is doing, the chef finishing off the plate of food whilst the manager is writing things down and ticking things off. I really like that it is an action shot so the models aren’t looking at the camera which is nice and fits the brief perfectly.

If I was to do this again:

If I was to do this shoot again I would have more of a variety in my images to make sure that I had a full selection of photos and would spend a bit more time on the shoot but as they were working and preparing for the lunch shift I knew that I wouldn’t have a lot of time. I would also use a flash meter next time so that I would have the right settings on my camera, by changing the shutter speed I would then know how much light was coming into my camera and would be able to adjust it accordingly. I would also change my portrait photo to allow more light sources to be in the photo so that it would fit the brief more thoroughly. However, with this shot I still like the shot as a whole with the chef cooking something on the hob and the chef looking over at him.


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