St Paddy’s Day

For my next Easter task I had to photograph an event that was going on, as I knew that St Patrick’s day was coming up near when I got set this task I thought that it would be a good chance to photograph that day and any events such as the parade that was going on around that weekend.


  • Friday 17th March: Poetry reading and singing in the underground stations, Victoria, Waterloo, Tottenham Court Road, and Covent Garden.
  • photograph the people involved
  • group photos
  • single photos
  • close up shots
  • photos of what they’re holding etc
  • shot on 35mm and 50-55mm


  • Sunday 19th March: Trafalgar Square stalls and music and parade
  • photograph stalls and events going on in Trafalgar Square
  • photograph people around trafalgar square
  • parade, main event
  • photograph people in parade


  • I didn’t manage to find any of the underground poetry and singing going on on the Friday so didn’t manage to get any photos of that activity going on however, managed to capture some shots from the parade and events going on around Trafalgar Square.
  • I wanted to capture the brightness of the whole parade as there were bright colours from the different people in the parade down to the colours of the girls dresses and costumes.

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