Famous Person

One of my Easter tasks for location was to photograph a relatively famous person within our area producing one portrait and one landscape shot in two different locations. I had two potential ideas of people in my area that I could photograph; the first being the a chef, Atul Kochhar and the second being ex chief of police and transport police Sir Ian Johnston.


  • potential idea if he is at the restaurant working
  • photograph him standing outside the restaurant maybe with his arms crossed, restaurant in the background- landscape shot
  • photo of him cooking in the kitchen, if possible, using available kitchen light- portrait shot


  • photograph him at his home
  • one photo of him sitting down in his office with his police uniform on, showing off the knighthood from the Queen- landscape shot
  • another photo maybe in the garden, something to do with his work in the Olympics, holding Olympic torch- portrait
  • a shot showing the things he does with the football clubs or youth clubs, maybe go to the football field and hut- portrait

As I couldn’t get a time to shoot with Atul Kochhar as he wasn’t around in the restaurant much I decided to go with Sir Ian as I thought this would challenge me a bit more the the chef idea as I had to think more about how I could show ff what he did and does in the photos. When I got to his house I started to look around the office and think of what I could use in the photos. I also produced two QP card shots before taking the actual ones.

Preplanning: When contacting Sir Ian I started getting some background information on him so that this would help me out more to figure out what sort of photos I could capture to tell the story of him. Luckily he sent me a document which included all his wok he had done and a little bit of information of what he did in his spare time and his family tool this really helped to build his character more and to get to know what sort of things I could incorporate into my images of him.

  • This is my first one, the landscape, in his police uniform with his knighthood medal in the background as well as a photo of his and Barack Obama from when he was in the police force.
  • this is my second one, the portrait, I decided to go outside for this one in the sunshine. In a suit holding the Paralympic torch and a book and also wearing a badge from the games too.
  • If I was to change them slightly I would give a bit more headroom in the first photo so that if it was made into a magazine cover or double page spread then it would have a bit more type space in it.

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