Task 3: Journey photo story

Journey photo story: I decided to base my photo story around a visit to Chelsea.

  • Decided to go back to Chelsea after my last visit there when I had to do a previous class task. I liked the interesting sites and architecture within the hidden streets so I wanted to focus more on this with more time to spend there and also look at the people around the area as well.

Things to photograph:

  • people
  • architecture
  • streets
  • street art
  • on the tubes
  • signs
  • around Saatchi Gallery

My journey:

  • train to London Bridge
  • Jubilee line to Westminster
  • Circle/District line to Sloane Square

My edited photos:

These were my edited photos from my journey shoot, I barely edited these images as they didn’t really need much editing, just a little bit of turning the exposure, contrast and brightness up or down. We then had to print contact sheets of about 30 images off and then sort them out to see which would work as a front cover, a double page spread and so on until we had our 12 pages sorted out. We then had to¬†edit these into a 12 page InDesign template which we had to make quickly just as a rough photo book.


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