Problems along the way

Before and whilst shooting:

I didn’t really encounter any problems along the way before and whilst shooting this project unlike in my mono project. I had sourced all my own models for this and all my own products and props as well so I did have any problems with those.

Whilst editing and putting into InDesign:

The only issues I had whilst editing etc was that there were so many images to choose from to put into my fanzine. I had already started designing my template even before I had begun doing any shooting as I wanted to get the hang of using InDesign and placing images and text into it so that when it came to producing my fanzine I would’ve got the grips of it pretty easily and would know how to place all my images and text and images with text over them etc.


The only problems were really in this section of the process; even though I had sourced my printer I still had a couple of minor issues when it came to printing my fanzine. I had sent my fanzine off to be printed and the printers had come back with that I needed to add a bleed into my document, so I needed to extend all of my pages to the line just outside of all my pages. One that had been done then I could send it off again. The printers was pretty good getting my print done in a day on the formats I wanted. Even though they weren’t major setbacks they still impacted when I got my print done.


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