Evaluation- Mono


Overall I think my mono project went pretty well, the models and the stylists that had been organised for the shoot turned up on time if not earlier than expected which gave us lots of time to get them ready for the shoot. Some of my photos turned out better than others and could’ve turned out better when I shot them with the crops of the images so that they were more interesting in the layouts provided.

The only problems that came up were that the stylist we had originally asked to do our shoot had cancelled on us which wasn’t good but we solved it by finding another one and got two instead which was even better. We also had the problems of the modelling agency’s not getting back to us straight away with details and confirmations of our models. Even though we contacted two modelling agencies and finding out that we couldn’t get any development models from one we had to go with the second option which was fine but they took ages in getting back to us with all the confirmation for our two models about contact numbers and the times they would be arriving etc. However, our models turned up on time which was fine.

If I was to do this again:

If I was to do this shoot again I would probably get all the stylists and models sorted straight away as soon as I knew what day and time I was shooting as that would be the main thing sorted straight away. I would also keep in constant contact with the agencies to keep confirming etc.

If I also had enough time on the shoot I would use another background other than just a black one and change my lighting as well to vary my images up a little bit so that I had some quite dramatic images as well as some with simple lighting techniques. I would also ask my models to do a lot more poses for instance sitting on the floor or crouching so that this also varied my images; I would probably take more images as well, even though I had more than enough I think taking a few more is always a good idea for any shoot.


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