Evaluation – Fanzine


Overall, I think my fanzine went well, I think the majority of my images turned out well and the printed fanzine itself did as well. I think with some of my images though I could’ve maybe changed the layout of them slightly so that they were placed differently in the fanzine itself. I think some of my photos turned out better than others in my fanzine but next time I could change that.

The only problems I really had with this project was when I was getting it printed just that I had to extend all of my pages so that the bleed went beyond the page I had created but apart from that and problems with getting my risk assessment approved by clr they were really the only problems that happened. I also had to add an extra 2 pages into my design as my printers didn’t print 22 pages they only printed in multiples of 4.

If I was to do this again:

If I was to do this project again I think I would change a few things; firstly, I would probably source more products for more shoots so that I had a wide range of different brands to shoot and not just the ones that I owned myself. I think that by changing this I could’ve added different photos of products into my fanzine to uplift it a bit more. I did first say that the problem with doing a perfume magazine was that it could get quite boring after a while of looking at page after page so that could help if I was to do it again.

Another thing I would change is that I would give myself more time to be able to do the shoots and have longer on them so that I got the most out of my images when doing them, I would also look into the advertisement of the products a bit more so that I could use more props with my products.

I would also add more of the products into the fanzine but in a different way so by the models actually wearing the products and then me taking the photos of the makeup on them so that it turned into a beauty/product magazine.


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