Placing in InDesign and changes

Placing in InDesign:

Placing my images in indesign was quite easy as I had already started my layout for it once we’d got the brief as I wanted to get the hang of it. I had near enough got a rough idea of where I wanted all of my images to go and how they wee going to be set out in my head, I just had to work out which photo was going to go where and which photos would work together. I though that if I put all my gucci images together or over two double page spreads then it would make more sense bit like putting the Marc Jacobs products together and the Jo Malone products together.


I had changed my front cover design about 4 times as the photo I wanted to use originally didn’t work as a front cover and didn’t give the right feel to my magazine, so I wanted something that would give the right feel and would start off my fanzine. The image on the left is the one I wanted to originally use but I felt like it wasn’t enough, if I was producing a perfume magazine then I would’ve used something like that but instead I decided to go for the image on the right. I felt that with this image it gives the whole feel to the fanzine. I really like the pink and the marbled effect papers in the front cover as it brightens it up a bit.

I had to add another two pages into my fanzine template because of my printers so I then had to find some more images to put into those two pages. I incorporated the Tommy Girl perfume and some of my images I had done with the male model so that these took up the space.


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