Editing stages

The editing stage for this project was very time consuming as I had taken so many photos over the three shoots; so this took even more time to go through every photo on Capture One choosing which ones I though would work throughout the fanzine and then from those decided whether to edit them all or only edit a few as I had multiples of the majority of them.

Once I had gone through all the photos from the shoots and then starred the ones which I thought were either the most effective or the most interesting I then went through these editing the majority of them. Whilst doing this I found that some photos weren’t fully in focus so then I had to look at the others taken and then edit those instead too.

Editing on Capture One:

One I started editing in Capture I just made minor adjustments to my images to enhance them slightly, so chasing the exposure, contrast and brightness and then very slightly upping the clarity on my images if I thought they really needed it. As you can see from the screenshots on the left hand side in my adjustments boxes they are only slight adjustments being made.

Editing on Photoshop:

Once my editing in Capture had been done I had to begin editing  the majority of my perfume shots in Photoshop to get rid of the tube part inside the bottle; I also had to get rid of any blemishes on my models if there were any just to smooth over the skin as well.



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