After doing my initial ideas and then changing my idea of what my fanzine was going to be about within this section I then decided to do some research of different products and how these were set up and then photographed so that they could then be advertised.

I started looking in magazines, specifically ones that focused on perfume and makeup products and started collecting these together for my research. I also looked online and in advertisements online at how these were photographed as well. Instantly as soon as you type in perfume adverts and go on images it directs you to advertisements involving models, which was partly what my fanzine would involve but I wanted to look more at how the actual products were photographed without models being involved in the adverts.


I then looked at different brands and how they advertised their perfumes. Each brand stages their products differently, I also found when doing this research that most brands use some sort of props within their advertisements so that this makes that product seem more interesting. Most of Jo Malone advertisements either include other products in the photos or some sort of scenery or props relating to that specific fragrance.


This last photo is from a magazine using different perfume products in their advertisements; for these sorts of adverts they must have to take the photos of each perfume separately and then merge them altogether.

These are advertisements of makeup products that I found, when researching this the majority of the products did again involve models within the advertisements so these are just a couple that don’t or that don’t show the whole model in the image.

Overall, this gave me a better insight in how to set up my products when I began to shoot my fanzine and how I can stage my products to make them look more effective by using props.


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