Lighting used for fanzine

I didn’t really change my lighting ideas for fanzine that much after doing a possible lighting for this project; I had done three shoots for fanzine and created a lighting diagram for each one even though they ere near enough the same for each shoot. So for my lighting I decided to go with a simple lighting setup, I thought I didn’t want to over expose my products and models too much so I went simple but effective.

These are my lighting diagrams that I created from each shoot; the first two are the diagrams that I made from the shoots I did with the perfume and makeup products I shot whereas the last diagram is the one I created when I shot with my models. For each shoot I used all the same type of lights (RX300) and the same type of soft boxes well. In the second and third diagrams I did change my background colours so I shot on both black and white backgrounds.

Equipment list:

  • 2x RX300 lights
  • 2x lighting stands
  • 3x soft boxes
  • 3x poly boards
  • camera
  • 50 mm lense
  • 18-55mm kit lense
  • QP card
  • flash meter

Props list:

  • perfume
  • makeup
  • candle
  • table
  • chair
  • 2x boxes for products to go on
  • coloured paper, marble type paper
  • bamboo
  • feathers
  • artificial flowers
  • ribbon
  • white lace
  • acrylic jewels


  • I started to make sure that all the lights were set up, on the stands and on the right settings so that my products and my models wouldn’t be over exposed.
  • I had to test the lights with a flash meter to check that the settings were right and if they weren’t then I had to change them. And then once everything had been sorted and tested I could get on with my shoot.



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