Initial ideas

My initial ideas for fanzine were that I wanted to shoot a perfume magazine and include both elements of still life product and models too. I came up with the idea of a perfume magazine because prior to this project I had done a glass shoot and shot perfume bottles for this and thought that this would be a good idea for my magazine project and also because I enjoy shooting product and still life. However, my ideas changed slightly as I thought just doing a magazine about perfume could get quite boring after a certain amount of pages and if I didn’t have enough perfume to shoot as well that could also be a problem when producing my fanzine.

Examples of what I wanted to do:


Throughout producing this and thinking of my initial ideas, my ideas had slightly changed; so I thought of adding more products into this project. I started to look through magazines and Pinterest looking at makeup products and how these could be staged in an effective way as this would be an element also included in my fanzine. By incorporating makeup products as well I could then add models into my shoot as they could then pose with the perfume to look like they are selling it and to also model beauty products for me.


This is what I wanted to incorporate into my original ideas for my fanzine so that it wasn’t just purely a perfume fanzine, it had elements of makeup in there as well. I quite liked the use of using props to enhance my images rather than just having the item on its own; the use of having artificial flowers and bamboo in some of my perfume shots really pushed them that little bit extra as the props related to the item being photographed as well. Also by using props with my makeup products also pushed these as well as it gave the products a different feel to them when looking at them. I really liked the image in my mood board with the mirror and lipstick as it is really interesting with the reflections of the lipstick in all the pieces of broken mirror.


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