Task 3: Image analysis and shoot planning

Stage 1 and 2: These are all my deconstructed images with what I think could be the possible lighting diagrams for each of the photos. All photos were shoot indoors and had one other light source or more within the photo. All of them had ambient light which was clearly visible in the photos so was easy to plot on the lighting diagrams when it came to it. The first two shots look like corporate shots whereas the last shot looks like a more relaxed corporate shot.

In this last image I think if there was a Quadra flash kit used it would probably be placed just to the right hand side of the camera pointing at the model, as the window behind her is slightly over exposed because of the sunlight this could be the use of a flash kit as well.

Stage 3: I had to devise an equipment list for each shoot and thought that each shoot would have near enough the same equipment list so underneath is what I think would be the equipment list for each shoot.

Equipment lists:

  • Quadra flash kit
  • stands
  • reflector (maybe)
  • camera
  • 35, 50, 55mm lense
  • tripod
  • SD cards
  • card reader
  • QP card
  • flash meter
  • batteries
  • tape
  • extension leads
  • macbook pro and charger
  • phone and charger

Stage 4: Making an estimate for a half day editorial shoot with taxi from SE10 0Ew to EC2

  • A taxi transfer from Ravensbourne SE10 0EW to EC2 Shoreditch for 2 people is about £26 each way (www.minicabit.com (iride)
  • Assistant for the day at £100 or a dig op at £120-£250
  • Photographer’s rate for an editorial shoot £300 for a half day rate and £500-£600 for a full day rate

If equipment was being rented out for this for a day the rate would be: Flash centre

  • Elinchrome ELB 400 1 head kit Pro/Action/HS (£31 a day)
  • ELB 400 pack only (£16 a day)
  • SD cards 16GB (@ £6.50 each a day) x2

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