21/2/17 Looking at paths

Today we were looking at paths on photoshop and how to use them correctly when editing a photo. First of all we were going through how to use paths with a photo of a football; as a football is round this was a nice starting point and would be quite easy to use with paths as a football is near enough found.

  • drag photo into photoshop
  • duplicate background, bottom right hand side
  • unlock first background
  • cmd r, to bring in lines
  • alt, cmd, 0, 100%
  • second tool down
  • cmd c copy
  • cmd v paste, comes up with layer
  • unlock second layer, get checkered background
  • cross hairs, shift and drag over object
  • select, modify, feather
  • example 0.5, cmd c, cmd v

Drawing around the image

  • draw one point then the next point along the line you want to go
  • keep going until you you’ve drawn around the whole object
  • highlight path, click third symbol along on bottom right
  • background layer, select, modify, feather, 1 pixel
  • Q key
  • cmd c, cmd v, new layer

Working with our car photos now

  • make any local adjustments that are needed
  • process out of capture 1 into photoshop
  • duplicate background layer
  • use paths to cut out the car
  • save path and name
  • cmd c, cmd v to copy and paste car
  • paste car over to landscape image
  • draw another path on original shot of car to cut out shadow
  • cmd c, cmd v to copy and paste shadow over
  • cmd v to paste shadow over to landscape image


  • creating a path for the windows of the car that you want to get rid of so you can see the scene of the car behind it
  • feather it by 0.5 pixel
  • cmd x to get rid of section of window

Scaling up the car

As my car was too small for my landscape image I had to scale up my car so that it looked more believable when it was put into the landscape I had chosen.

Drawing the grass back in

As I had shot my car in a car park, so it was on pavement/gravel, I had to put the grass back into the image so that it looked more realistic. I had to do this by going on the pencil tool and making sure the two square tiles were going from black to white and then this drew the grass back into the car only along the wheels. As I was working with grass some of the grass had to be really thin pieces of grass so the brush size had to be the smallest size it could go.


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