9/2/17 Location

So in todays location lesson we were given a task to create a three picture story; many location or documentary photographers like to create these things called picture stories where in their location they take photos that they think will create a story behind it.

We had to go out and shoot on location again today, all of us had to choose a location in London somewhere for a couple of hours and shoot to create three photos that we thought would create a story.

I decided to shoot in and around Chelsea to create my photos, at first I didn’t really know what kind of story I was going to tell with this, so I just went along with it for the time being. There wasn’t many interesting people in Chelsea at the time I was shooting so I couldn’t take any photos of people.

These were my photos that I chose to share with the class; my photos didn’t really have a story behind them as such but I like the bright colours that were in all of them and thought that this is what made them stand out more rather than tell a story.

What could be better:

I think if I had a better idea of what kind of story I wanted to tell with my photos and I had a little bit longer to spend in Chelsea and to shoot my images I think this would’ve made them better. Also my last image on the right hand side is slightly out of focus so that was a bit of a down side too.

I like the image of the flower garland and the lady for dogs trust as the colours in those two images really stand out with the bright pinks and the bright yellow from the lady’s coat and sign.


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