Review of Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

A bit about the exhibition:
Going to the Taylor Wessing Photographic portrait prize was really interesting to go to as it showed a diverse range of 57 portraits which captures a range of characters within each of the portraits highlighting their moods and the locations that they have been photographed in. The competition showcases a range of photography from young photographers, to amateurs, to professionals in the photographic world; some of these works are formal commissioned portraits whilst some are spontaneous moments where people have been photographed.

What I liked:
When going to the exhibition I didn’t really know what to expect other than that the works were going to be portraits, I was really surprised at how well thought out and composed the images were, some of the portraits were really inspiring and thought provoking.

I chose some images that I really liked from the exhibition:
Frances by Josh Redman


Abdel by David Cantor:


I liked this portrait by David Cantor, I really like the composition of the portrait; in the gallery the size of the photo was about A3 size on a landscape format. I like how the person in the photo was in the centre of the frame. The first thing you notice in this photo is the man’s bright red hat which then emphasises everything else in the photo like the patterns on the shirt he is wearing. I also like how the photo is side on so you can see all the features of the man.

John Harrison 36852 days old by Paul Stuart


In Focus section by Cristina De Middel:

I found the In Focus section of the exhibition really shocking; the section focused on four images from Middel’s work of four men who visited prostitutes each week. This series of work is called ‘Gentleman’s Club’ focusing on clients in brothels in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

These are three of the images from the In Focus section, each man had a story behind them and each man visited a brothel either once a week or more each for different reasons. What I found shocking about it was that these men were either married and/or had children and had been doing this since their teenage years some as young a 12 years old. There was one photo of this man who was single and had a couple of children, he had been going to a brothel about 2-3 times a week and had been since he was 12 when his father took him to a strip club for the first time. His reason behind this was that he felt lonely and wanted some company.

I don’t think there was anything that I didn’t really like about the exhibition, I thought that all the portraits were really well thought out and the way they were displayed was well thought out as well.


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