Today we were going through our brief for the next lesson, this was on a car advert with a landscape shot as well.

  • going through our brief that is due for three weeks time
  • toyota car brief plus a landscape shot that will then be moulded together to become one whole shot
  • have to include nature within the landscape shot
  • the two shots have to match
  • study the landscape first so that when you come to shot the car it will be easier
  • you have less control over the landscape
  • analysing light, light direction, sun seeker app, analyses the direction of the sun
  • light distribution, hard and soft light
  • light intensity, flash meter just change the mode on the flash meter to ambient mode when shooting the landscape shot. Can also use it in the car shot as well, hold it in front of the car
  • colour temperature, QP cards in both the landscape and car shot

We were also going through photoshop in a bit of detail and how to edit in that and add layers on top of one another. These were the steps of how to merge two images together

  • two images
  • window, arrange, arrange tile vertically
  • darker image, move layer over lighter layer. Shift and drag
  • delete lighter image
  • create a mask by clicking the 3rd icon at the bottom
  • white means you can see it, black means you can’t
  • change layer to change it to black
  • click on layer, edit, fill, contents, black, (cmd I)
  • gradient tool, (G), OR, double click mask, feather
  • curves
  • to flatten image, go layer, flatten image
  • sharpening an image, filters, sharpen, unsharp mask,
  • ctrl, duplicate layer

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