Problems that I encountered along the way

Like many things you encounter a lot of problems when it comes to doing a shoot especially when dealing with models and agencies.

Problems I had:

  • Modelling agencies not getting back straight away
  • Having to keep chasing up the agencies to get back to you with details and information
  • Stylist dropping out a week before the shoot

We tried one modelling agency called Bame, who we had to keep chasing up as they weren’t getting back straight away, so we had to keep emailing and calling them to get information out of them. We also found models from that agency that we wanted to use but when they finally got back to us we found out that we couldn’t because they weren’t development models.

We then tried another modelling agency called Established who had loads of male models in development but in the end the agency just didn’t get back to us in time so we got our models from Bame who had a few development male models who were willing for us to take head shots of them for their portfolios as well as ours. However, we did have to keep contacting them to keep double checking that the models were definitely booked and the times that we needed them in and so on.

We also had a couple of set backs when it came to the stylists as well; we had found one stylist who was willing to work with us and do all of our hair and makeup for the models but then at a week to go before our shoot dropped out and said that she couldn’t do it. So we then had to find another stylist fast and in the end did and ended up with two stylists which was even better as it took less time with two doing hair and makeup instead of one.


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