Mono Final Shoot

So today was the day of my mono shoot finally, everything had been planned, I had got together a mood board with the types of poses and styles I liked and also some images with different lighting in them. I had done an equipment list and also some rough lighting diagrams that I would test out in my test shots. I had also tested with someone in the studio testing out my lighting diagrams to see if they worked and then placed them into the Mono InDesign layouts to see if they fit properly which some of them did.

Equipment List:

  • camera
  • lense 18-55mm
  • hotshoe adapter
  • flash meter
  • QP card
  • Elinchrom pro HD 500 flash heads x2
  • lighting stands x2
  • rectangular 60×80 soft box
  • octagonal 70 softbox


  • chair
  • sunglasses
  • black curtain as backdrop

Lighting setup and Diagram:

As I had already done test shots for my mono brief my lighting setup was a little easier to create. When testing I decided to test with three lighting setups, one with two strip lights, the second with the soft boxes and the last setup with a beauty dish.

I decided that for my real shoot I would do the setup with the two soft boxes with one up high and the second one down low. I thought that this setup would be the best one for my shoot as it was the most successful when doing my test shots.


  • To begin with I had to make sure that the models were all sorted with makeup so that there wasn’t any shine on their faces, so the stylists were getting on with that.
  • Whilst that was going on I started to set up my equipment, putting the lights on the stands and then the soft boxes on the lights.
  • I also had to make sure that the lights were at the right heights and on the right numbers.
  • I had to test the lights with a flash meter, so I got my assistant to sit in the chair that I was going to use for the models and got her to hold the flash meter just under her chin and take a reading for me so that if I had to adjust the setting on either of the lights then I could before shooting.
  • Then once the stylists were done sorting out the makeup for the models and their hair too I began shooting with one model and then the other one once I had finished with the first one.

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