Location 27/1/17

In our location lesson today we were continuing using the Quadra ranger kits, but instead of shooting around Ravensbourne itself we were shooting on the roof of Ravensbourne as we were continuing experimenting with mixed lighting.


  • We got into groups of 3-4 people
  • In our groups we had one photographer, a model, and one or two assistants depending on the amount of people in the group.
  • Each person had to partake in each role as it got us use to working in each role and how to engage in each role.
  • When our light was set up on the stand we had to measure the light with the light meter and then adjust it so that it was on the right f/stop.
  • Then we had to shoot a test shot with a QP card
  • We then had to shoot, incorporating the mixed lighting from the sky into our shots. We also had to think about the angles that we were shooting at so that they weren’t all at eye level; we had to have a variety of shoots from different angles.


  • camera
  • lense
  • Quadra ranger
  • lighting stands
  • light meter
  • QP card
  • hotshoe adapter


This was my test shot with a QP card that we had to create before we started doing any of our shots. If we changed the position of the model we then had to measure the setting with the light meter to make sure it was at the right f/stop and we also had to take a master shot with the QP card again.

  • These were my final images that I liked from the shoot; I tried to create different images thinking about what level I was taking them and how I could slightly adjust the angle of my camera to capture them as well.
  • I think next time shooting in another one or two locations around the roof might vary my work a little bit instead of having all my shots in one location.
  • If I were to do this shoot again I would try and do it on a day where the sky had a bit more detail in it as the sky in these look a bit dull.

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