Location 26/1/17

So we were in Trafalgar Square in London today looking into street photography and how you have to have an eye to capture something interesting. We had to use a 35mm or 50mm lense, I used a 50mm sense for my shoot.

We then spent about 30 mins just going around the Trafalgar Square area and outside the National Gallery taking photos of people who we thought looked interesting to us. For most of us we were taking photos of people off guard so they didn’t really know that we were taking photos of them which was good as you caught the expressions of the people in the photos and the actions that they were doing at that specific moment the photo was being taken.


  • camera
  • 50mm lense


  • These are a few of my photos that I took while I was at Trafalgar Square
  • I think that I could’ve varied my heights a bit more when taking the photos as the majority of them were just at eye level.
  • However, I like that the majority of them were taken in a portrait format when I was shooting some of the people.
  • Another thing that I would change is that when I was taking my photos I would try to include more people in the image like in the background as I have only focused on the one subject in all of my photos.

We were then given a task to go on a walk for an hour and and just take photos; after that we were given another task to stand in an area on a corner of the street somewhere or in a busy part of London and take photos of people passing you by.


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