Location 19/1/17

  • Documentary photography builds up a story
    can be about everyday stories
  • 5 key elements of a photo story:
  • You always have to have an establishing shot, it has to make you want to look at the rest of the work that has been produced.
    -Wider shot
    -Action shot, the thing that the story is about
    -Portrait, if its about a person, single or group portrait
    -Detail shot, can be anything you like


Location and Documentary Photographers : 

  •  Martin Parr
  • Paul Graham, A1, Troubled Land
  • Zed Nelson, Gun Culture
  • Peter Dench
  • Alex Soth
  • Mischa Haller
  • Andy Burman
  • Anton Bruy
  • John Tonks
  • Spencer Murphy
  • Sian Davey, Looking for Alice

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