Location 13/1/17

So in this location photography lesson we were talking about how we can use mixed lighting when shooting on location, this can include using a portable flash light kit as well as incorporating ambient and other forms of light into your shoot as well.

We were given a task to get into groups of threes and each group was given a Quadra flash kit and we had to go around Ravensbourne shooting using mixed lighting. On our shoot one person was the photographer, one was the assistant and then the other the model.


  • camera
  • lense
  • QP card
  • light meter
  • quadra ranger flash kit
  • hotshoe adapter

Lighting 1:

  • This was my first location setup; I went for a simple lighting setup with the light on the right hand side pointing at the model.

Lighting 2: 

  • This was my second lighting setup; as you can see from my lighting diagram the camera is to the left of the model.
  • I had my assistant hold the light under the model so that it was pointing up towards her.

Lighting 3:

  • This was my last setup; I decided to go to a small area within Ravensbourne and shoot in there as I thought it would be a good location.
  • I had the model lean his arms on the wall as if he was looking over down to the next floor. I then had my assistant stand on the right hand side and point the light straight at the model.
  • I liked most of my shots however, if I was to do this shoot again I would try and show more of the mixed lighting around the areas I was shooting in for instance the lights within the area and some more of the ambient lighting from outside.

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