Tests shots- Mono

I decided to produce some test shots for this mono brief to check my lighting and where my model will have to stand to produce the most amount of effectiveness for my images.

I wanted to test a few lighting setups so that I could know which one I liked best so that I could use that specific one in my shoot.

Equipment used for these test shots:

  • camera
  • lense
  • QP card
  • Light meter
  • sunglasses (for model to wear)
  • chair (if needed for model to sit on)
  • hotshoe adapter
  • RX300 lights x2
  • lighting stands x2
  • strip lights x2
  • poly boards x2
  • soft box x2
  • beauty dish

Lighting diagrams: 1.


  • This was my first shot from my test shots and was my first lighting setup as well; I quite liked this lighting setup as it is a sort of rim lighting on the figure of the model.
  • I think if I was to do this setup in my actual shoot I would change the poly boards round so that either one side was black or both were as I feel this would give off better lighting and not completely darken out my model.
  • I liked how you could see the key light reflecting into the sunglasses so that you knew which direction it was coming from.
  • I had both my lights on 4.8


  • This is my second lighting setup; I thought this was more of a simple lighting but really effective at the same time.
  • Next time I would get my model to do some different poses. I quite liked my model doing the pose on the right with his elbow resting on his knee and fist under his chin.   I left loads of room at the top of the image as well so that when I was testing it in my template I could see how much room I had for my magazine name which was fine.
  • You can just about see the key light in the sunglasses in the image on the left
  • I had a soft box on each light in this setup with the light on the left up high and on 3.8, and the one of the right lower and on 2.8.


  • This is my third and final lighting setup. I had the soft box on the left hand side pointing at the background to light that up, this light was at 3.8. I also had the beauty dish on the right hand side up high pointing down towards the model, this was at 2.8.
  • I had to put the beauty dish light higher up as I was getting a glare and reflection from the light in the sunglasses which I didn’t want as it didn’t look nice.

I took a master photo with a QP card in each setup so that I could check the whit balance against the model. I tested the models face with the grey part of the QP card as this would’ve been the most accurate the test with.

InDesign Templates with test shots:

  • I like the first one but think that I didn’t leave much room at the top of the image so wouldn’t be able to use this as one of my covers unless I made sure in my shoot that I left more room. Maybe next time I could shoot this but make it a full length body shot to vary the choice a bit more.
  • I like the second  one and managed to leave enough room to be able to see everything on the front cover.
  • I think the last one is my favourite out of all of them and I will definitely be using something like this when producing my shots. I like how the model is posed and like how he isn’t in the centre of the frame but is slightly to the right a bit.

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