Indoor Mixed Lighting task

  • Task was to photograph a person a stranger/person at work using mixed lighting
  • Used a Quadra ranger portable flash kit
  • Had to form a shot using a QP card and then our final shot


  • Quadra ranger flash kit
  • camera
  • 18-55mm lense
  • light metre
  • QP card
  • hotshoe adapter

Lighting Diagram:


  • I shot this at the Cafe Nero stall in the tube/bus station
  • Asked the lady if she could stand in the gap between the coffee machine and the till on the counter.
  • I used the flash kit as well as using the lights that were in the stall and this was my mixed lighting that I used.
  • First shot is my QP card shot
  • Last image is my final shot
  • I would say if I were to do this next time I would I would move the flash slightly back so that I didn’t get as much shine/light on the produce on the left hand side as it is a bit distracting.

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