• 40,000,000,000 (40 billion) photos shared on instagram
  • Ian Ruhter, wet plate collodion
  • Guy Paterson, Photogram on silver gelatine paper
  • Daniel Coburn, salted paper process
  • Gmunk, full spectrum
  • 3D, working with an image that has never seen a real camera
  • What is the form of the lie?
  • Claudia Angelmair, ‘Betty’ 2008 from Works on Paper
  • Thomas Struth, Audience 5
  • how do we know what the best photograph is, Google is just a search engine it’s not a photography expert so it doesn’t know what the best photograph is. It’s a matter of opinion what the best photograph is


  • extract some of the things that the tutors tell you over the coming weeks and place them onto your timeline
  • 1838: kind of the first photo taken, beginning of timeline
  • 1914/18: WW1
  • 1967: Beatles
  • 1978: Grease

Air Pollution in China

First photograph taken by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826/27

  • Lewis Hine 1905
  • Alfred Stieglitz 1907, The Steerage
  • August Sander 1913, Young farmers on their way to a dance
  • Paul Strand 1917, Blind

Political events in photography
Hilary Clinton, the selfie photograph

  • Edward Western 1930, Pepper No 30
  • Edward Ruscha 1963, Twenty Six Gasoline Stations
  • Gary Winogrand 1964, American Legion Convention, Dallas
  • Robert Adams 1968, Colorado Springs
  • Diane Arbus 1969, Untitled

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