• Weegee ‘The First Murder’ around 1941 in New York
  • Dorothea Lange ‘Migrant Mother’ 1936
  • ‘Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire’ 1911
  • Things can be cut out that can change the image entirely, it takes away the context and makes it a separate image
  • Trish Morrissey ‘7 years’, 2004
  • Sebastian Salgado ‘Drought in Mali, 1985
  • Robert Capa ‘Death of a Republican Soldier, 1936
  • Malcolm Browne ‘Monks protest in Vietnam, 1963
  • Joe Rosenthal
  • Abu Ghraib 2004. There is one fundamental thing that makes these images possible, the very fact that these things take place make these possible and makes them so real to us
  • Martin Lister ‘The photographic image in digital culture’ version 2
  • Fred Ritchin ‘In our own image, The coming revolution in photography’
  • Time magazine digitally darkens O.J. Simpson’s skin, June 1994
  • all the things that photography does, report, document
  • ‘Looking at Photographs’ by pretending its this some sort of great art, we are losing where it has really come from. What we are missing is that privilege of that person who has taken the photograph. When we look at a photo we impose our own opinions and meanings of that photo and interpret it in our own way. We see photographs in everything, everywhere and everyday. When we view photographs as pieces of art the rawness of them are taken away and we are distracted by the beauty of the photograph. Photographs often need captions or texts to explain the main context of them.

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