12/1/17 Capture One

Capture One

  • Dam
  • Raw processor
  • Colour workflow
  • digital assist Manager

What makes it different?

  • camera raw, nice backup option
  • ICC profile make capture one different
  • lightroom, can adjust what the camera looks like. Makes it simple to adjust camera profiles and tinker with colour profile
  • loads raw image data
  • uses camera profile to interpret and create previews
  • enables user to ‘process’ image
  • outputs to jpeg or tiff in the appropriate colour space
  • C1 requires plenty of processing power
  • 64-bit application
  • requires plenty of RAM

Recommended setups

  • mouse
  • trackball
  • graphics tablet

Backing up

  • hardware
  • internal: SSD
  • external: raid arrays, drive speed 7200 RPM, USB 3.0 or thunderbolt


  • timemachine
  • carbo copy cloner
  • super-duper
  • chrome sync

Cloud Storage

  • back blaze
  • dropbox


Later on we were using capture one with our winter market photos, getting used to capture’s settings and uses as this is the program that we would be using from now on as it is an industry standard.



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