I wanted to document my sister’s pregnancy in her last few weeks of being pregnant. I really wanted to focus on her baby bump as it was getting quite big in her last month. I found some ideas on Pinterest of how I wanted her to pose using her hands and her bump.

  • The second photo I found really nice especially with her with one hand placed on top and below her bump to show her holding it. This gave it a sort of protective nature about it as she is protecting her growing little one.
  • I used the flash on my camera in this last image and decided to keep this one in colour rather than edit it into black and white. I like the way my sister’s hands are in a heart shape on her bump; with her facing the side you can see the bump more.
  • I think that the details, for instance the stretch marks, in these two bottom images really come out in the photos however; I like this as it is all part of the process of being pregnant.


  • These photos were taken at my sister’s baby shower the other day.
  • I like the full length photo with her holding her stomach and looking down at it.
  • I also like the other nearly full length photo as she is holding some of the decorations from the shower in front of her stomach. I like the idea of the little blue foot prints as it shows what gender the baby is going to be but also that it adds a little detail into the photo.

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